I'm sorry...

February 8, 2011
By , Sidney, NE
The day he told me everything would be fine and that it was all gonna be okay. Was also the day it all came to an end so fast. He told me it was our own little secret and that nobody would ever find out so i couldnt tell... I was only 4 when i remember he told me to go to his room and take a time out and think of what i did. I sat in there crying wondering what I did was so wrong to make me have a time out, I can remember sitting up and seeing him standing there he told me that he had a big secret to tell me and that I must not tell anyone. He told me to lay down and to close my eyes and to not worry about whats gonna happen. The pain that inserted my body that very day shot through my body like venom, it hurt so much i couldnt move or make a sound... He got up and went to the bathroom, when he came out he told me that that was our little secret and i must not tell anyone. I went to my room and sat at the edge of my bed wondering what just happened to me. I was only four when it all began, when everyday i came home from school that venom was back in my body. my mom would try to hug me and i would step back and look at her like she was gonna do the same, then i would run outside and would begin to cry all over again.

When my birthday came around, I was at school, playing at recess having a great time. I walked back into class and there set apone my desk was this huge balloon with contents in it, Power Puff Girl theme, and a box with shiny silver wrapped around it. I toke it home he looks at like its nothing but trash, he calls my mom asks her what he wants to do with it. He hangs up the phone goes to the kitchen and gets a knife. I thought he was coming after me I started to panic, I was gonna run, but I knew if I moved I was gonna be dead so I just stood there waiting to see what was gonna happen... The knife went in the air and came down fast like a rocket and when it hit the balloon he managed to say " this is your sisters heart." I just stood there on the verge of crying. We went to the mountains that night to get fire wood. I was standing there fighting with him and he looks at me and gets that grin on his face like he usually did before he injected the venom. I started to shack I think, I worry, then I take off running for my mom. "Mommy daddy puts his hands on my naughty part." "O sweety what are talking about? Why would you say something like that?" I stand there hurt and destoryed. My mom just called me a lier to my face, I cant believe she dont believe me.

It was then the next day she walked in on him injecting the paiinfull venom into me. It was my dad, he told me every dad did it to their kids to help them grow. He said that I cant tell anyone and if I dont I could get whatever I wanted. I was only 4 years old when it began. I was little I didnt know what was going on then 8 years old came around and I relized that he lied to me.

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