February 1, 2011
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I grew up in Indonesia, Surabaya. My grandmother took care of me when I was still Kindergarten; while my parents were in Jakarta trying to make a new living environment. I always went to Jakarta to visit my parents when we had school holidays. I missed my parents a lot especially when I had to leave them. I was very sad. I cried when I had to go home to Surabaya because we had to be separated again.

My grandmother had built a ballet school when she was at the age of twenty. By now, she has thirty schools in total, fifteen ballet schools in Surabaya and Fifteen ballet schools in Jakarta. My mother helps my grandmother to operate the schools in Jakarta.

One time, my grandmother asked me,” Would you like to go to China and learn ballet?” Wow”, I responded. I was so surprised because I didn’t actually like ballet at that time. And finally I decided to go with my grandmother to China. I was so excited to see how China was. Many people said that China has a lot of brilliant flexible dancers and gymnasts. I became very enthusiastic.

Two weeks had passed, it was the time for us to enter the boarding gate and leave for China. As we went inside the plane, my heart was pounding so fast. This plane was full of strangers headed for the same spot to the continent of Asia. I couldn’t believe that I was flying in the wonderful blue sky. In the next seven hours as I awoke from my beautiful dream, I heard a slight rumble for the landing gear. Finally I stepped my foot in China, which is the fourth largest country in the world.

We went to the Beijing Dance Academy after we dropped our luggage in the hotel. We were allowed to observe the class before I started my first day the next day. The dancers were amazingly stunning. I was too scared to join and dance with them. I felt like crying deep inside my heart. I called my mom and said that I just wanted to go back home, I couldn’t imagine if I have to stay here for the next three weeks. But, I know it wasn’t a right choice.
My body was shaking all over as I entered the studio in Beijing Dance Academy the next day. Luckily, the teachers and friends were so kind and made me felt very welcome. We had so many classes in a day. We had ballet technique, yoga, character class, Chinese dance, and Gymnastic. The teachers always helped me and gave me a correction when I did not do the movement correctly. We had to wake up early in the morning to warm up; we went to the studio and did a stretching class. We also had to jog around the school building to gain our strength. It was a rough training for me. I knew I will be a great dancer if I could have this kind of training. My grandparents and parent always supported me. I was so proud that I could have a chance to come and join the Beijing Dance Academy. I was working so hard and trying to improve myself for the entire classes. I worked harder day by day. I would practice twice harder than everyone. I practiced in break time, after class, and even before I slept.
One week passed so fast and I was getting better and better. My teachers were quite amazed with my presentation and improvement. They said that I made a rapid progress in my ballet. I was so impressed by their compliments. It was the best memory in my life.

This summer camp made me fall in love with dancing. I feel that we have to dance with our hearts. We cannot dance if we do not like it or someone try to make you dance. I never had the passion for dancing before I joined the three weeks summer dance intensive in Beijing. This summer camp was really giving me a great inspiration for my future and my career as a dancer.

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