Washed Away

January 31, 2011
By Smmmantha SILVER, Weatherly, Pennsylvania
Smmmantha SILVER, Weatherly, Pennsylvania
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“Footprints in the sand are just temporary,” I said out loud to myself as sat alone on the beach.
The waves swiftly ran along the shoreline, soaking up the memories, to be forever lost. The ocean is dark, cold and full of enemies. How can something that’s full of life, represent life itself?

Everything I did reminded me of the beach. In a day, the beach gets walked on, kicked, played with and taken advantage of. The morning after, its gets raked back to the same old position it was in the morning before. As for myself, I wake up, go to school, get picked on, taking advantage of and feel like I have been lying under the blazing sun all day.

Thinking about all of this, I found myself to be walking up the stairs of my beach house. The night was slowly dominating against the sun. I needed to do one task before this fantastic getaway was over. I wrote down all of my bad memories on a piece of paper, reviving my soul with new thoughts and a better year.

I slid off my sandals and walked on the dim lighted beach towards the water. Kissing my paper, I leaned down letting the paper drift away.

I whispered, “footprints in the sand are just temporary, along with these bad memories.”

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