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Light and Darkness

January 29, 2011
By xxprincessdarkxx BRONZE, Bellwood, Pennsylvania
xxprincessdarkxx BRONZE, Bellwood, Pennsylvania
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"Cracks in the concrete are just reminders that we may fall apart, no matter how strong we really are."

When there is no sun, there is no shine. When there is no shine, there is no sparkle. Without a sparkle, there is no hint, or realization that passion exists. Without passion, there is no love, Without love, there is no trust. Without trust, there is no friendship. Without friendship there is nothingness.

Some say that sunshine doesn't matter. Maybe not externally, but internally, sunshine is what gives everybody the will to live. Without internal sunshine, there is of course, internal darkness. When in darkness our eyes adjust, but we don't see everything. We miss things around us, and the things we do see, we don't see it's true beauty. When in the dark, it is more likely that a person will get hurt, because we stumble over things that we don't see clearly. Even though we've seen the objects surrounding us in the light, they seem to become more dangerous in the dark.

As humans, once in a while we all make the mistake of trusting someone, or a group of people, too quickly. Usually, when the light in our life has gone out, we try to find people to relight our fires, change our light bulbs, replace the batteries in our flashlights, even for just a little while.

When we are desperate enough to have our sunshine back, we can fall into a habit of doing things, reckless or not, that we wouldn't do normally, just to get a flash of lightening. When we fall into that desperation, that hole, we grab on to anything that looks like a rope, or anything that looks like it could start the fire so we can get an outlook of how life should be. When we start to turn to things like drugs, alcohol, sex, or even just untrustworthy people, it makes the darkness become an even deeper blackness, even though we don't realize it. We just have the need and want to feel, see, the light once again.

What some people fail to understand is that when you have what seems to be eternal darkness, you tend to shut out the real light, and turn to artificial, temporary light, because they are easier to get to, and they are achieved more quickly.

When a person decides to let the sun shine on their life again, the results are not instantaneous. They can't be, nobody can heal that fast. Real results, and real healing take real time. Just like a day, we have to go through a period of dawn to get to the light, and sometimes, it rains, making life gray.

Being in the darkness for so long can always assure that would take days, months, or even years to restorate all the light that has been lost. No, every ray of light won't always come back completely. In the darkness, the people in our life can still find the exit. To restore a full light, there are bits of darkness that need to be replaced, with brighter rays of light.

When it gets dark again, treat it like the night time. This time though, we have to let it pass, without letting it control us.After every period of dark, comes sunshine once again. Remember when the fire goes out, don't expect to be rescued, call for help because then people will realize that this time, you rather have sunshine.

Darkness is a hard time for everyone. Every one of us at one point in our life has gone through a period of darkness. No matter how long it lasted, fact is, everyone has had it happen, where our fires went from flame, to ember, to ash. Some how we all know exactly how it feels. I found my light, and I am so sure that if I can, you can too.

For me, turning to God shined the light back in my life, and my eternal fire started glow and it was apparent at how much darkness was traded for light. My friends and my family keep patching up the darkness and shining brighter light on my life. Now, I don't get lost in the dark.

The author's comments:
My life is a triumph, and I want this piece to show people, that is it possible to be happy if they haven't been for a long period of time.

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