January 23, 2011
By Enchanted4life BRONZE, Happy Valley, Oregon
Enchanted4life BRONZE, Happy Valley, Oregon
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Polina…a name of questions, just like its owner, fortunately, the owner is me. I recently transitioned into a life with responsibilities. It has been sixteen years since I was born in a large country but a small town. The universe might think a small town girl has small expectations. I was the girl who always stood out, the one who imagined clear skies, elegant flower fields, and rain so divine as if being showered with the feathers of an angel’s pillow. But that happens to be a fantasy of mine, one that’s seeping through the surface. For life is a book waiting for its author.

In the short sixteen years of my life I have wanted to be everything from a ballerina to a doctor. Somewhere in between there, I decided on journalism. Writing is not something I can put aside or forget about. It is a gift I was given and needs to be put to use. Everything that I hold bottled up inside day and night is shown in just a few words in my writing. I hope one day to publish my book that once started out as an essay and is now fifteen chapters long. I want to live a life with surprises, a life where the current takes me but also one with a family, one with the word ‘love’ seen just by the mere sight of the sun.

Everyone always believes that an ideal society is World Peace. It’s all talk and no work! Why is this world so afraid to make world peace? Some say it’s just impossible, but I say nothing is impossible if you just believe. Most importantly, try. Every year, we bow our heads in silence for the ones lost in hurricane Katrina, 9/11, Haiti, etc. though no one has the guts to straighten things out. An ideal society is one with more motion and movement. Everyone has a book, some have words, others are already buried, and most, are just UNWRITTEN.

The author's comments:
This piece was something I had to write for school, and I ended up getting a perfect score and many compliments. I love to write and this is only one of many.

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