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December 17, 2010
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The first time I met Kerry, my grandpa, was when I was born. Granted, I do not remember that precise moment in time, but I know he was there. My grandpa is always there for me and I know he would not miss his first grandchild being born. He has been there for me whenever I needed him the most, he was my father figure growing up, I did not have a father the longest time. Kerry did everything a father was supposed t6o do like teach me to shave, taught me to throw a ball, he also taught me how to fish and hunt. Kerry has suffered many strokes and faced much adversity in life. However, he pushed his way through those and kept his faith in Jesus.
I remember my grandpa’s house the light yellow walls, the smell of dinner cooking, beef stroganoff my favorite, the warmth of family that filled the house. I hear, “Hey Brayden come in here for a second, I want to show you something.” It was the voice of my grandpa. I followed his voice into the bathroom the steam on the windows was still fresh and covering all the windows and mirrors. My grandpa had the shaving cream on his face it smelled weird to me and I watched him shave his face.

“You want to try this?” said my grandpa as he put down his razor and handed me the shaving cream, it felt smooth and squishy and I smoothed it all over my face even on my forehead. I watched my grandpa take the blades out of the razor and hand it to me.

“All you do is slide it down your face, and your face will be silky smooth.” He laughed at the last couple of words as he continued to shave. I slid the “razor” down my face and watched myself in the still steamy windows; I noticed that my skin seemed the same and not any smoother. I did not care because I was having too much fun, I felt like an adult, a grown up, I felt cool and superior to my other friends. When all the shaving cream was gone, I wiped the residue off with a towel and gave my grandpa a big hug.
“What if I don’t grow any facial hair?” I asked while still in mid hug.
“Don’t worry about it Bray I know you will, you’re a Porter aint ya?” replied my grandpa as he let go of me.
“Very true thanks a lot Grandpa let’s go get some dinner Grandma has really worked hard on this meal and it is my favorite!”

I was sitting on a black leather couch in my grandparents living room when I heard the door open and close, my grandpa came in from working at the coalmine. He liked nothing more than just coming home and playing a couple games of pool. I ran as fast as I could, and slid underneath the pool table and waited for the game to begin. My grandpa walked into the poolroom, picked his cue, and racked up the balls placing the triangle of balls precisely in the middle of the bottom half of the pool table. He made each ball relatively quickly I took all the balls as soon as they landed in the leather pockets and hid them around the room. When my grandpa he finished his game and wanted to play another one, he would have to search around the whole room to find the balls.
“Brayden have you seen the pool balls?” grandpa asked from the other room.
“HAHAHAHHAAHAHA” I laughed back from the couch.
“Brayden? Where did you put the pool balls?” he asked me
“I hid them papa you will have to look for them. Hahahaha” I laughed some more at my master plan. I smirked as my grandpa searched all over the poolroom to find all the missing pool balls. Eventually he found them all and came up to me.
“Now Brayden you know that was not very nice. But it was really funny. I had no idea where they were I thought a ghost came into my house and stole them from me.”
We shared a big laugh about this, and my grandpa showed me how to play the game of pool. It was the first time any person ever taught me how to play any game and it is a memory I will cherish forever. My grandpa is pretty much my father figure and my role model. It may sound corny but I want to be just like him.

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