January 26, 2011
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I went to my friend’s amazing birthday party. We went to Chuck e’ Cheeses. As I entered I saw a lot of little kids running. It was very colorful there. I also saw Chuck e’ dancing on the stage. I zoomed on all the rides quickly to eat the food. Finally my friend’s mom entered the room I could smell the hotdog. I shouted from the top of my lungs for ketchup but instead they gave me mustard! It smelled as bad as expired milk.
I never tasted mustard before but a lot of people said it’s horrible. I thought to myself that it couldn’t be so bad. So I poured so much mustard on it that I couldn’t see the wiener anymore.
I didn’t want to eat it but it was talking to me. It was telling me “Khai please eat me!” So I couldn’t resist. I could feel the hot bun as I lifted it off the plate. Then I took a huge bite of the hotdog. My face turned as green as a frog.

I knew that the hotdog was evil. But the wieners looked so juicy and the buns were so good that it caught me off guard. The mustard was so bad that I sprinted to the restroom like a hungry fat man and I vomited. I yelled blarrg as I threw up! I had to wipe so much mustard off my lower lip that I never ate mustard again.

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