January 26, 2011
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When I was four, my family decided to go on a trip to Wyoming with my grandpa. Wyoming is flat with a few hills and a lot of sage brush. We stayed in a tent for a couple weeks, I would have liked it better if we stayed in a hotel because it was cold in the tent. There was a wood stove in the tent so it wasn't that cold.

We went hunting for Mule deer and Pronghorn which is a type of antelope. I learned that hunting can be very tiring because we had to walk a lot. When we found a deer my dad shot at it from around 300 yards away, the wind was blowing hard and he shot it in a bad place that would not kill it, so he had to shoot it again and that time he killed it.
When we got back to the tent my grandpa was playing with my dog Marley which is a black Lab. One time when he threw the stick for her she stepped on a cactus. It took a long time to get them out. I do not think Marley like it very much.

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