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January 25, 2011
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My alias has been anonymous for as long as I can remember. People can come up with a ton of cute screen names for themselves, even if its just making the first letter of their first name a prefix to their last. I always preferred the more mystery side of aliases. And the biggest mystery of all else is the unknown. A question mark is more intriguing than a period or, God help me, an point of exclamation. To open up a lover's blank journal is so much more entrancing than to find a diary filled to the brim with incisive pencil scratches, revealing every secret to the reader. I prefer that sort of mystery over a who-don-it any day of the week. You see, in person, I'm not mystery. But in the world that I can create in my mind, I can be anybody. I can be a human of a certain gender, of a certain age, who lives in a certain dwelling, and who works a certain job. I can go to a certain school, and have certain pets, and read certain literature.
To know the answer to the blank life I've let now let you preview would be helpful to you, I presume.
But I like mysteries.
And, honestly, isn't the unknown so much more fun?

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