January 21, 2011
By , Las Vegas, NV
Memory is a child walking along a shore. You can never tell what small pearl it will pick up and store away among its treasured things.

It was a cool autumn, as the sunlight flooded through the white shutters and made a long, warm shape

Granny took out two pieces of biscuits, and said with a smile," Here, one for each. Only well-fed kids can play happily. Eat them, then go outside."

My cousin finished the biscuits quickly with me, and we ran out, hand in hand, "We're going out!"

"Be careful, and come back early." Granny repeated that every day.

A big garden was in our area, filled with straight trees, colorful flowers, and emerald green grass. There were even some bamboos around an exquisite pavilion. Beside a huge playing house was a sand pool with a swing. My favorite game was playing on the swings. My cousin sometimes played in the house, or made some castles and cakes with sand.

A pale gleam of tempered sunlight fell through the leaves, while the cerulean sky became rosy. We both felt a little tired. My cousin stood up, and said, "I'm going home now. How about you? Still waiting for your big sister?"

"Um, I want to wait longer."

I was five then, and when I played on the swing, my feet were not long enough to touch the ground. However, every afternoon just after school, My big sister would come and play the swing too. She helped me to put down the swing a little bit then I could touch the ground and played better.

That day I had been waiting for her a long time. The sun was already sleeping behind the mountains, and the sky had darkened rapidly. But she did not come. My starving stomach made some sounds to tell me: “It's time for dinner.” I only could stand up from the swing, and walked home lonely.

After dinner, my mom came back. She took off her shoes, changed her clothes, and sat down before me.

"Honey, there is an important thing I need talk to you."


"You know I am going to open a store very soon. At that time, I will not have enough time to take care of you."

“I will be obedient."

“I know. You are always a sweet girl." After some hesitation, my mom said, "But.. "

"But what?" I asked.

"I talked about this problem to your grandparents. They thought it is better to let you live with Dad for a while."

"But Daddy is not here."

"Yeah, I know. He's living in the hometown now."

"I don't want to leave you, Mommy." I looked at her.

"I don't want to leave you, either. Sweetie, but we think this is the best for you."


"Be a good kid. You will just stay with your father for a short time. And I promise you, I will call you every week." Mom caressed my hair softly.

I bent my head, tears were rolling out in my eyes. But finally, they stopped.

"All right, Mommy. I will be a good kid."......

I left mom in the end of the autumn.

I was happy to live with my dad. When I went there, I found I had a little half-brother. We went to the kindergarten together, and played together. He was often happy to joke with me, and to see me become mad like an angry kitten. There was much fun every day.

But every night when I lay on the reclining chair, and looked the vivid stars, I always recalled the words that mom told to me on the phone, "At nights. When you see the stars are blinking their eyes, then you know, it means I am missing you then..."

"Mommy. Today we went to the zoo. The rabbits are so cute, I fed them a lot of carrots. But my brother stole my carrots..." Every night, I talked many little secrets of mine to the bright stars, and hoped they can send my messages to my mom. They blinked their eyes, just looked like the soft, warm eyes of my mom.

The time passed away quickly. On a lovely, hot summer day, my grandma said that mommy would come to pick me up next day! I couldn’t sit quietly any longer. I jumped up and helped my grandma clean the house. She knocked my head and smilingly condemned, “Stop helping me. You are more of a hindrance than a help." I could just drop down the broom.

I ran into the balcony, and looking forward. As a child, I had thought the distance I saw is the whole world. I stood on tiptoe and cried in a loud voice, "Mommy! Where are you? I'm waiting for you! Come quickly!" I had believed surely that my mom can hear my voice then. But now I know, it's only my beautiful imagination.

The doorbell rang.

I dashed to the door and opened it. My mom was standing outside! I ran into the warm, loving hug just as I once did.

"Mom. I missed you so much……" I cried, with a very tremulous voice.

"Me too, sweetheart. Let's go home."

This moment is the most dazzling, tempting pearl in my seas of memory.

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