January 21, 2011
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I was feeling a little car sick as we drove to the Toy-R-Us. A cool chill traveled through my spine as I pictured myself gliding through the wind, my body rushing against the opposing breeze. I had been waiting for this a very long time. Finally, I was going to get my new bike.
We pulled up to the Toy-R-Us parking lot trying to find a close spot near the entrance.

“You happy?” my father asked with his strong Mexican accent.

“Yeah I'm happy.” I said actually feeling somewhat joyful for once. We parked and we both got out the car; I was jumping up and down like a pogo stick.

“Relax.” he said as he pulled me towards him.

“Come on let's go!” I said trying to break free from his grasp. I ran up to an employee.

“Oh, go down aisle nine and when you get there make a right, you cant miss it.”

I began to walk down the aisle, scoping out the other toys in the store, I made a right and there it was. It was like bike heaven.They had almost every type of brand; that varied from Haro's to Mongooses. It was quite spectacular.

“Cual queries?”

“That one.” I said pointing to a Next. It had a shiny, navy blue coat and it came with pegs and a bottle holder, it was perfect.

“Get it.”he said.

I grabbed it and began to walk it to the shortest line. Their was a whole bunch of kids, all with their own unique toy, some had action figures others had scooters. I was standing proud with my new bike, it was finally our turn to pay, the total cost with tax, was $130.00 and it was all worth it .

After he purchased the bike for me, we went home. I couldn't wait to show off my new bike to my friend Kyle. We arrived and I rode my Next to Kyle's house. I knocked hoping he'd answer so we can cruise, moments later his gorgeous sister opened the door.

“Hey.” I said eying her up and down.

“Hey, how you been?” She asked very peacefully.

“Good, is Kyle here?”

“Yeah he's inside, Kyle!”

“What?” he moaned.

“Richards here.” Kyle ran up to the door.

“What's up?” I said holding my bike.

“That's your new bike?” he asked surprised.

“Yeah you wanna go riding?” I asked taunting him by pretending to act as if my bike was a motorcycle and I was revving my engine with my hands.

“Hell yeah let's ride.”

I waited till my friend mounted his bicycle, it felt like an adrenaline rush as ready to erupt from within my body.

“Ready, Set, Go!” I yelled pedaling with full throttle.

“Cheater!”Kyle said.

“Bite me!”

The race began, I was in the lead, smashing and drifting around corners. Kyle was riding my left side and there was a speed bump approaching ahead of us. I hit the speed bump and popped a Ollie, as I was soaring in the air; I looked back at Kyle and I see him in the air as well. I stop to think to myself ( we must be pros ) doing stunts like this.

“I won!” I said with great excitement.

“No, fair you had a head start.”

“Nuh huh.”

“Yeah huh.”

“Whatever let's cruise for a little bit.”

We rode for several hours until it got dark. Then we headed over to his house to go eat. Kyle was half American and half Asian and was about 5'6, kind of slim. The only reason we met is because her sister and my sister, they were friends. The truth was that I had a crush on his older sister Denise the one who answered the door earlier.

“ Hey you guys hungry?” Denise asked.

“I'm starving.” Kyle answered.

“What about you?” I wasn't paying much attention to what she was saying, I was more interested in her physique.

“Just a little.”

“Sit down and eat.” she said demanding.
Denise was so sexy with her long black hair, pretty brown eyes, juicy lips and her stare, man it was hypnotizing. Anyways we ate some orange chicken with streamed rice, it was bomb. After we grubbed I told him I had to leave because my dad would whoop my ass if I came late. We said our goodbyes and I traveled back home on my bike. It was nine o'clock and I knew he'd be waiting for me. I got home and my dad was yelling at my brother.

“Onde estabas?” he asked staring me down with his dark, soul piercing eyes.

“Outside, riding my bike.”
At that moment I was expecting to get hit. Usually my brother will get it first and the worst at that. The hellion will beat him so bad; he would have to wear long sleeves and pant's for days on end. If my mother got in the way she was beaten as well, a sight that scarred my life forever, embittered in pain I grew to hate that egotistic man.

“I told you nine o'clock!”

“Sorry.” I said sensing a evil vibe.

“No mi importa!!” he said taking off his leather cowboy belt. I was scared, but I knew my mother was horrified because she knows what was about to happen.

“Come over here!” he said smacking his belt on the wall. If I didn't come the beating will be ever more crucial. The despair that was installed from him combusted and I began to tear.

“Leave him alone!” yelled Tony.

“Shut your mouth!” he began to strike my brother with the metal part of the belt. It made a sound louder than thunder pounding. I dropped my bike and ran towards my mom but he intercepted me, grabbed my right forearm and with his free hand he started whipping me with the belt, slashing my body.
The wounds instantly swelled up. I looked at my brother, watching him explode with overwhelming rage.

“I said leave him alone!” my brother hollered as he kicked him in the balls. My mom grabbed the house phone and called the police but I knew the cops wouldn't understand her broken English.

“Please my sons, help!” that's the last thing she said before the cretin snatched the phone from her hand. Now my mom was getting beat, me and my brother tried to stop him but he overpowered us.

Then all of a sudden I heard sirens and in a matter of seconds they kicked down the door and rushed in. They caught him red handed.

“Freeze put your hands in the air!” the officer said pointing a Glock9 directly at my dads forehead. He didn't listen to their command so they tackled him to the floor, he tried to resist but he was no match for the brute policeman. They arrested him and that was the last we saw of him.

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