January 21, 2011
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It was 7:15 P.m. That night; it was raining. My Brothers and I were in the family room watching MTV cribs; Lil Wayne was on; he was showing everyone/television crew his cars, bedrooms, bathrooms, and, outdoor premises. We we’re in the family room when all three of us heard the doorbell ring. Both of my brothers Rashad and Raymond looked at each other and said “we’re not getting it” laughed and continued to watch what was on the television, so I got up and as I stood up I said “fine”, you don’t have to get the door. I proceeded to get the door, as soon as I opened it; it was my uncle Kevino. “Hey” Kevino said as he walked through the door: I made sure to close and lock the door behind him. Kevino was eager to make himself at home; he threw his socks, shoes, jacket, and, scarf off and put them on our computer chair. I watched as he walked from the living room to the kitchen. Knowing how nosey I am I followed him in the kitchen and asked him “What are you making?” he said, Just some Chicken,, Rice, Beans, and some greens. ‘Mhmm” I responded as I walked back to the family room where I continued to watch MTV cribs with my brothers. It must have taken Kevino 30 minutes, but he did it; Kevino made the ultimate feast. Cleaning his mess up quickly after finishing up Kevino scurried towards the room in which my brothers Rashad, Raymond, and I were in then we all started watching what was on the television. My aunt Camelia and My uncle Louis must had heard him when he was cleaning up, because as soon as he got relaxed that’s when both my aunt and uncle had came down to greet everyone. My uncle Kevino asked me if I would put in a home video for him I said “sure” and I walked to the DVD player and we started watching the movie. 16 minutes into the movie my uncle Louis gets a phone call he leaves us in the living room. 10 minutes after he left he announces that my mother Augusta is deceased. I can’t handle it so I run in my garage and cried.

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