First Kiss on My ATV

January 21, 2011
By Michael Grigore BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Michael Grigore BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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When I was about 6 years old I had gotten the coolest toy ever , I had got a four-wheeler for children . I remember the day my dad brought it home . It was in a big black and green box with a big picture of it right there in the middle . " faster . Safer .The ATV monster . " said right below the picture .
"You know what this is ? " my dad asked me as he was opening the box .
" No I don't ”, I played stupid to give him the satisfaction to explain . i jumped on his back to take a peak inside .
" This will make you hated by your friends . You'll love it " he smiled at me .
My mom came in the room . " Oh you are opening it right now ? This will give him something to do ... " She said and laid on the couch . My dad got out the parts . Four big wheels , a battery , a handler , and some other small parts . I noticed it had a radio , lights and an ignition key so it made it seem real . I was surprised by it and got all excited .
I helped him make it and got outside to show it to my friends the next second . As I was going to our usual hanging place I was feeling like an adult , like the guys you see in the movies : bad boys on their bikes . So I started making noises and imagining myself in a race " vrrrrrrmmm ! VRRMM ! " were the sounds you could hear coming out from my mouth . As I got to my hands and they saw me , they all started yelling and came at me to check the ATV out .
" Check this out ! " my friend Alex shouted with his hands at his mouth . " When did you get this ? " he asked pushing me away so he could ride it .
" I just got it . I will let you drive but after I take Bianca for a ride . I said searching for her . Bianca was that girl I liked since I was little . I was always playing with her and walking her home and asking me to merry me all the time . She had long golden hair , with big green eyes and the nicest smile in the world . She would say to me about the marriage " I will think about it " knowing how things are working out because she was two years older than me .
" All right Michael , you can give me a ride home right now . " Bianca said getting up from a bench in the back . She wasn't that impressed with my ride because she didn't get up with all my other friends to check it out . I didn't care , I was just happy I could take her home .
" Ok hop on ! " I replied . She got on and i stepped on the pedal . We didn't speak too much on the way cause it was right on the next street .
" You know ... you can always give me rides home if you want ." . She was showing me her beautiful smile when we got to her house . She got off and she gave me a hug but I grabbed her arm " Wait ! " I said and got up ," I want a kiss " I blushed .
She stared at me a little bit thinking . " Ok , she said and leaned forward to catch my lips . I hesitated a bit but then I remembered I was the one who asked so I grabbed her and kissed her . I let go and looked at her because I couldn't believe it .
Bianca smiled again " I will see you tomorrow " and turned around walking inside the house . I waited for her to close the door and then I started jumping and shouting out loud " My first kiss ! yeahhhh ! " , after I realized I was making too much noise, so I jumped on my new ATV and quickly got away .
" Nice ! " I said to myself touching my lips .

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