January 20, 2011
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You can walk around, acting like nothing is happening, so nonchalant about everything. You’re not part of the drama, just one individual. That’s the way you like it though. That way you don’t get hurt; you’re so fragile. Just one drop and you shatter, lying there on the floor, broken. The killer, gone. Leaving you there to part on your own. But, you can’t; you’re just a child. Pure.

You covered yourself in all that dark makeup, hiding all your natural charm. So, why wear it? Your pure beauty is underneath. Soft, gentle skin. That’s how it should be. You should recognize that your alluring just the way you are. No matter what you think.

None of the boys can keep you because truth is they don’t deserve you. They are self- centered jerks, not realizing what they have until it’s gone. Don’t waste your tears on them. They are not worth crying a river for. They are just leading you one more step closer to your prince charming. The one who loves you the way you are - in your sweats and a big baggy t-shirt. The one who prefers no make-up. He will understand what he has when he has it, grasping, holding on; never letting you go.

Because you are beautiful.

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