72 Hours and Counting...

January 19, 2011
By mims13 SILVER, Topsham, Vermont
mims13 SILVER, Topsham, Vermont
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“Mom do you know what today is…?”
“Hunny don’t be ridiculous of course I know, its Monday at 6:30 and I’m driving you to the store for work tonight.”
I take a long pause…72 hours and counting… she proubly shouldn’t be driving me down here I realize… what else would I have done… I cant walk that far…
“ No mom. Its Wednesday… your driving me to the school bus this morning. Did you sleep last night?”
I already know that answer…. I wonder if she does
“ Of course I did Hunny. So dear do you have your work shirt with you?”
Well… what’s the harm… not like correcting her will fix this…just have to get the bus stop…
“ Oh it’s in my bag mom…”

The author's comments:
This piece is personal and based of off a real life experience.

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