When He Left

January 16, 2011
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I was in my bedroom playing with my sister Nicole, my parents came out of there room yelling and screaming at each other, I got up and went to my father’s side. I pulled on his arm wanting his attention, he ignored me like usual. After a few minutes of them yelling Jessi came out of her room music blaring she came over to me, told me to get Nicole and go outside for a while I agreed. I was only 6 years old when he left, Nicole was 8 and Jessi was around 15-16. I didn’t know what was going on, just before he left he told me he would be back soon I was hoping that he was just going to visit a friend. Later that night I was wondering where he was, I went into my mom’s room, she was on her bed crying. I asked her where Randy was she told he was going away for a few days. I just said ok and walked away.
Three days went by I was waiting, hoping that he would walk through the door and smile that weird funny smile but he didn’t. He didn’t finally come back until the following week. But the only thing he came for was to get his stuff, he didn’t give my mom a kiss like he usually did before he left the house. He told me that he was staying at my grandma’s house for a while so I asked him if I could go with him he said no. But he told me that I could come over on the weekend if Sherry let me. He never called my mom Sherry in front of me. That’s when I knew something was wrong. He gave me and Nicole a kiss and said that he’d see us soon.
My mom was at work and I was home with Jessi because I was sick. I was coloring and I wanted a pen so I went into my mom’s room and opened the drawer that was by her bed and I saw this little blue book that had weird drawings on it, I picked it up and started reading it but I was only 6 and I couldn’t read. So I ran into Jessi’s room and handed her the book, she asked me what it was and I told her that I found it in mom’s room she opened it and read it for a few minutes, her eyes started watering then she shut the book and told me to put it back where I found it and that she would tell me what it was written in it. I put it back and also grabbed a pen and went to Jessi. She told me everything about how my father was cheating on my mom with her best friend, I asked her what cheated meant and she said you’ll know what it is when you’re a little bigger I said okay and gave her a hug and she asked if I wanted to hang out in her room with her boyfriend Scott I said yes and shut the door. I talked to Jessi about this boy at school that I liked his name was Cole and he was my first crush. Besides Jessi’s friend Carlos but he was way older than me so I just gave up on him.
The weekend came and I went to my grandma’s house to be with my dad. I gave him a huge hug and we went inside. He told Nicole and I that he had met a woman in New York that they were now dating, he set a date to go met the woman I asked him what her name was he had told me that her name was Elizabeth and she wanted to meet us. I asked if she was pretty he said he thought she was then he showed me a picture, she was pretty she had black hair, hazel colored eyes and perfect eyebrows. I smiled and said I wanted to meet her too.
As the years went by my mom started to date people, when I was 8 or 9 my mom was starting to tell me what happened between her and Randy I told her I already knew so she didn’t have to explain anything.
I’m now over the fact that my father left and hadn’t talked to me since he moved to New York with Elizabeth when I was 7. But every now and then I cry and think of what it would be like if he never cheated on my mom and if it would have lasted a long time but then I think who needs him. My mom is now engaged and happy and so am I.

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wonderlandhaley said...
Mar. 4, 2011 at 3:17 pm
BRILLIANT! LOVE! So much longer. & wayy more detail. Your good at writing - dont tell yourself otherwise. & dont let other people tell you otherwise. Love you, best friend.
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