A Christmas Story

January 14, 2011
By Anonymous

This year’s Christmas was honestly the best Christmas I have ever had. Last year my mom didn’t get the presents I desired because her boss couldn’t get her paycheck to her before the bank closed. The presents I wanted last year were, an admirable game system called the Xbox 360. I also wanted a game for this system called modern warfare 2. I also wanted a game for this system called modern warfare 2. I also wanted new mission roller hockey skates. These presents were all I wanted because they are very expensive. So after the holiday my mom had waited until the bank opened so she can go cash her check and get the present I admired.

This year I wanted to have an awesome Christmas with my family which is exactly what happened. This year I wanted three things that were way more expensive then the presents I admired last year. This year I wanted another fantastic game system called a ps3 or playstation 3. This system includes netflix without waiting for the movies in the mail. The game system also has an installed blue ray DVD player. The second present I wanted was a game called black ops. This game is all about war; it is very intense, it gets you very pissed, and it is addictive. The final present I wanted was an ipod touch; the fourth generation. The new ipod came with both camera and webcam installed. I got everything I could want and I am very grateful. However I was sill sad and somewhat pissed.

This Christmas I was very pissed, well not really; just mostly sad. This is because my father and mother got in this huge fight a few days before Christmas day. We believe he cheated…; we have proof. When my mother confronted him about this incident, he got very defensive. He put his gigantic hands on her throat ferociously and pushed her up against the wall in the garage and brought his fist back. I immediately ran at him, tackled him as i'm crying and I repeatedly kept punching him in the face until my brother dragged me off of him. That’s when he packed his bags and left his friend and co-worker. I have been going through some hard times, my grades are falling and my sense of humor has been crushed by a sledge hammer many times. Well I had a good Christmas and I hope he had the worst Christmas ever.

The Christmas dinner was absolutely delicious though. We had veal which I would die for. It is my absolute favorite; we had chicken noodle soup and prime rib. I usually hate Christmas dinner but for some reason I loved it. After dinner my grandfather, my brothers and my two uncles play poker and that’s when the shit hits the fan. This is because they yell and scream about stupid shit like which way to deal the cards or just as dumb as who dealt the cards last.

So usually after every Christmas I have a headache and it’s not a little one. This year I had a blast opening the present I had asked for and also had really fun at Christmas dinner. I hope next year I get the presents I want and the food I want for Christmas dinner. So I better start cracking down on my Christmas list and mail it to the North Pole.

The author's comments:
i was inspired by the feelings i had i felt that i needed to write about what i was going through and it was around christmas so... i just talked about christmas as well.

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