My Trip to Hawaii

January 12, 2011
By hawaii10 BRONZE, Chantilly, Virginia
hawaii10 BRONZE, Chantilly, Virginia
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“Kyle we’re going to Hawaii,” my mom said seriously. “Why,” I questioned. “Your grandfather is extremely sick with cancer”. “What?!” Trying not to cry I ask what kind of cancer and my mom replies with stomach cancer. “Since when?” I said crying. “The last few months,” She said crying up a river. Two weeks later I would go to Hawaii with my family to see my grandfather pass and one day after I would go to his service say my final respects to him and goodbye before he was buried. But at the service I got to meet Sgt. Maj. Au the man who trained my grandfather in the marine corp. I got to see my grandma and cousins and uncle and aunt and my grandpas high school picture. The service had so much food that over 100 people couldn’t finish it all unless it was the deserts. For the deserts the service had Mochi is rice cake that is extremely sweet, butter Mochi that I literally like cake. The service was still sad but some people were still kind of happy and saw the bright side of things like he’s finally out of his misery. After the service all my family and I went to the seven eleven and bought a spam musu bi or rice and spam wrapped in dried seaweed. I still didn’t leave Hawaii for the next three or four days.

So within the three days I and my family decided to do lots of shopping at the “swap meet” near the Aloha stadium. I bought some shave ice witch is unlike any other crushed flavored ice I mean this company has banana flavor and coconut flavor. I bought this necklace and the real necklaces like this were made by whale bone or wood and only the kings of the Hawaiian Islands would wear the hook necklaces. I didn’t have enough time to go to paradise cove witch was a luau while I lived in Hawaii.

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