"Bungee Whaaa-!?!?"

January 13, 2011
We were in South Korea for the summer, and everything was well. My mom and I went shopping, hiking, sightseeing, and went to a lot of landmarks. But I didn’t see this one coming. We were Our boat ride was finally over as we finally got off of the boat that had taken us to an island where we would go sightseeing, and then we finally came back. It was an interesting sight, but I was extremely exhausted. I was with my cousin, my mom, and my aunt. Even though we had biked around the entire island, we were pretty exhausted. We got off of the boat and got onto shore. Boy was I happy to be on the mainland again. I liked the boat ride as the wind blew into my face but the thing is, I was too tired to even enjoy it.

As we walked onto land, my aunt and my mom went to get some fresh cold drinks while my cousin and I started hanging around, sitting on benches. We just talked about what we saw on the island that we just visited. Then as we talked I said some mean things to my cousin and then he started whacking me on the head and beating me up, but then my mom and aunt came back.

“What are you boys up to?” asked my mom.

“Oh, nothing. We were just talking about what happened on the island.” my cousin replied with a slight smirk on his face.

Then they gave us our drinks and we quickly got into the car. As we entered the car, my aunt pointed at something that I had no clue on what it was. As I looked where she was pointing, I noticed a small yellow tower hanging up on the other side of the shore. I asked my aunt what it was, and she said it was an area that was bungee jumping, and had other activities there where people could play games and buy souvenirs. I thought it sounded interesting, and so did my cousin, so we went straight there to find out what the yellow tower was.

Now, things weren’t so bad from afar. The tower looked pretty small, but as we got closer, it only started to become larger and larger. But still, I thought it was interesting. But then it hit me, what if I went bungee jumping? Well, the thought quickly vanished and poofed away the moment I thought of the height. A chill ran down my back and started to shiver. But then I calmed down because I knew that I wouldn’t jump off of a 900 feet building.

We finally reached the large tower, and we were at the bottom of the large tower. I looked up and I had to cover my eyes from the sun. I couldn’t see the top of the tower, and my stomach started to gurgle. I felt the butterflies flying around in my stomach and I stopped looking at the top. I couldn’t look up so my cousin and I went to a shop nearby and got small drink. I was glad I was hanging out with my cousin. I don’t see him too often, so I just bugged him the entire time.

Then we went back outside and looked at the large yellow tower.

“Wow. That is pretty tall. What would you do if you went on top of the tower and had to jump down, while your life depended on it?” asked my cousin.

“I would rather die because somebody stabs me instead of jumping off of that thing! That thing is HUGE! You can’t even see the top of it!” I exclaimed.

“My opinions the same. I wouldn’t want to do that even if I had to die.” he answered.

So we just walked down the street, pondering about our trip to the island, but then the tide changed from there. My life would never be the same. The moment I heard it, I felt like I was falling down a really large hole that would never end. I felt like I was falling down the stairs that were endless. I couldn’t get out of it.

My aunt ran towards me in excitement, holding a small piece of paper. The only thing I heard from her was, “BUNGEE JUMPING”, “YOU”, and “900 feet”. That’s when I felt cold. At first, I was slightly confused. I couldn’t understand what she was thinking about. I felt strange at the thought of falling and falling and falling… and until I finally hit the ground with a hard crash. I couldn’t understand it at all. I was scared and I had to understand what was going on before I finally actually knew what my aunt was saying.

Once I got back to my senses, I let out a small scream. My heart started to beat like crazy and I felt a little bit sick. I looked back up at the tower, and I could actually feel my face turning green.

Then I started to run for my life. I didn’t want to get on top of the tower. I was just too scared and I couldn’t even think about it because it was too horrifying. But before I could take another step, I felt something grabbing my arm. I looked behind me and it was my cousin. He grabbed my arm so hard I tripped and he threw me back towards my aunt and mom.

The next thing I remember, I was on top of the yellow tower signing a waver just in case I died. Now that totally made me feel better. I signed my name, and then they explained to me the safety tips and issues. Now, I wasn’t listening at all, cause I just looked down and made a small ‘yeep’ and almost feel backwards. Then before I lined up to the edge, I heard a voice from below. I looked down and saw my aunt, cousin, and mom waving back at me. My mom and aunt both yelled “GOOD LUCK!” while my cousin, shouted “DON'T DIE!”. That totally made me feel better.

I lined up to the edge, but when I tried to line up, somehow in some strange way, I was the first one in line. Oh the horror! Then a guy told me to walk forwards, and he put a suit on me. I didn’t like the suit, it felt so baggy… but then the man pulled a string and boy, I could barely breath. It hurt a bit, but I knew I could manage, but then when I looked down again, I couldn’t handle the pressure.

So the man told me to stand right behind the line, and in front of the line, was absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. Except for maybe a few clouds, and maybe a few birds flying about, but that’s it. I looked down, and I could see the lake beneath me. I was amazed how small the water was. I compared it to my hand and it was the size of a chip. A single, average sized chip. I tried to look for buildings and people, but I couldn’t find anything.

So I looked, and made a final leap. I looked straight ahead and made my head blank, and I closed my eyes. I jumped, and I started falling and falling and falling and falling. I didn't really feel anything. I only felt the sun in face, and the wind blowing up against my body. Then it suddenly got into my stomach like I a small animal flying into your mouth as you swallow it. I felt the butterflies going berserk in my stomach, and I opened my eyes, something I regret.

I fell down screaming like a little girl. I started to feel dizzy, and my adrenaline started to pump even harder. I didn't have the time to think about anything. I just saw the ground, where I was falling to my doom. Then I screamed so loud I felt my voice box pop. I felt a large sting on the top half of my body, and I could feel extreme pain. Then I looked up and saw the rope clinging onto my suit, and it pulled me back up.

Now, I was scared to fall off from the very top, but it was even more horrific when it pulled me back up, and I went falling back down again. After about ten minutes of bouncing up and down, I finally got to the very bottom. My mom took a picture of me, my aunt gave me a hug, and my cousin gave me a pat on the back. I looked at the picture and noticed my hair was swung back like something exploded in my face, and my face was as white as snow. I had done it! My first AND MOST LIKELY LAST time I will ever bungee jump!


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