Your Dog's Name was Henry

January 9, 2011
By Michelle Wang SILVER, Herndon, Virginia
Michelle Wang SILVER, Herndon, Virginia
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We used to skip free period all the time. We used to sign in, ditch, and then the two of us, just you and me, would aimlessly walk around the school for the hour. I’m not sure what we even talked about in that hour, but we never ran out of things to say. You used to tell me about all your girl troubles like I told you about all my guy troubles. I even talked to the girl you liked for you because back then you and I were closer than you and she were. I remember calming you down after that party where you were afraid to make a move on her— back when you were pretty innocent. At our overnight school camp out, through the mist and glistening droplets of water illuminated by the stadium lights, we walked around the track for hours in the rain and just talked. Of course no one thought we were dating or we liked each other because everyone just knew we were good friends. I remember when things started up with that one girl, I never had met her or spoke to her, but I friended her on facebook. I friended your sister and my sister friended you. Heck, I even friended your dog too-- because that’s what good friends do. They friend each other’s girlfriends and boyfriends or siblings or even pets. I even vaguely remember bragging to my friends at other schools about you when you made the varsity team. We bonded over things like our computer science class and ‘stephon,’ but look at us now. We can’t program for our lives and we're both failing Computer Science this year. Tragic isn’t it? During the summer, I remember after that one incident lets call it, you worked hard to get him and I together because you “wanted to help out two of your good pals”… it didn’t work out though. We gossiped with each other all the time too. You’d always come to me when you couldn’t understand how to read girls. We used to talk everyday online— at least almost everyday. We didn’t even have any classes together last year, but this distance now is so evident. Even if we did talk, we simply just don’t have much to say to each other anymore.

I don’t really remember friendships being this difficult to rekindle. People will always come and go, I suppose.

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