Square Dancing

January 9, 2011
It all started in third grade when I was nine. We were performing our Cowboy and Cowgirl dance, which is also known Square Dancing. I was wearing my white blouse that was white as snow, my long skirt and white high heels. The boy that I had a crush on was named Jake. He had long blond hair. He was wearing his white shirt, brown cowboy hat, blue jeans, and brown boots. When he turned his head he saw me staring at him with day dreamy eyes. “Hi Ansley, How are you?” asked Jake.”Huh? Sorry I was day dreaming!” I said. “Yeah she was day dreaming about someone she likes,” said Karis giggling. I elbowed her in the stomach. She stopped talking so I think she got the clue. “Well I will see you later, bye,” said Jake smiling at me. I heard one of his friends call him over. “You had to do that?” I asked Karis. “Sorry it just came out,” said Karis. “Ok just watch your mouth the next time,” I said. I turned my head around to look at Jake and his friends. While I was looking at Jake, Karis grabbed my arm and pulled me into the bathroom. The girl’s bathroom had white walls with black tiles. It was all trashed. “Hey can you help me do my hair?” asked Karis. I didn’t hear her. Slap! “Ouch!” I screamed. I put my hand over where Karis slapped me. “Did you hear me?” asked Karis. I didn’t answer because some one was talking on the speakers. They said “The people that are performing go stand by the cafeteria’s front door.” Then Karis and I went to stand next to our partners. We said a quick prayer and said good luck to each other and departed. My partner was my crush. We walked in with our hand in each others because that is how our teachers said we had to do it. I felt sick to my stomach. When we walked into the cafeteria and we sat down next to our partners; I was across from Karis’s partner.

When the song started, we started to do our routine for that song. The song was talking about some Cowgirl and Cowboy that fell in love; so the dance had to describe the song. I actually enjoyed myself. We did one song with different partners. The boys would move to a different girl in a different square. On the second dance I got stuck with a boy named Johnny. He is the meanest kid in the whole third grade. When I looked at my Mom she smiled at me. My Mom has light brown hair and blue eyes. That day she was wearing a shirt with jeans. When I caught my brothers, they were glaring at me. I stuck my pink tongue out at them. That day they were wearing shorts and a t-shirt. They probably told Mom; but I didn’t see it because I was focusing on the dance moves.

After the performance we had a party outside. Karis and I ran outside to go get some food and talk to friends. Later our family members found us. Karis’s brother fan up to me and gave me a hug. Later my family went home and I stayed at school. My crush talked to me and told me I did good. When I was talking to him I looked at his eyes and they were blue as the ocean. That day was my favorite day ever!
So here I am writing about my square dancing experience. Square dancing was something that the teachers wanted us to remember and I did. When I went home that night, I took a shower and I got into my bed, I could barley sleep. So I lay in my bed wide awake thinking about my experience. I told my self when I get older I want to move back to California and send my kids to the school I went to when I was in third grade; and that is where I feel asleep.

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Twilightgirl said...
Dec. 27, 2011 at 2:54 pm
This is the story i wrote! I can not believe so many people will be able to see it! Please comment back.
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