The day I lost my Friend

January 5, 2011
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One morning I awoke. I felt sweat upon my face. I had a nightmare about something but just couldn’t seem to recall what had happened. The day started like any other summer morning. Pulled a chair out to reach the same box of cereal I always ate. Then hopped up on the counter so I could reach the bowls. Got everything together besides the milk. This was the true challenge. Could I pour the milk without making a mess today? We would now find out. Today was the day...that I spilled the milk. I called my mom because she could fix any situation. She waltzed in and cleaned up the mess in a flash. I was then on my merry way. I engulfed my small portion of fruity pebbles or as I called them "the cereal of champions." I then proceeded to find something to do like any 4th grader would do. I called all my friends hoping one would be able to spend their day with me. I called Colin, no luck their he was with his grandma. I called Ryan, he wouldn’t pick up his phone. I called Chris, his mom says he was with another friend. I was just striking out today and boy was I bummed. Then I remembered I hadn’t even called my best bud yet, Gerald. We had been best friends since kindergarten. We had made our friendship truly solid when I could make him laugh with every word I said, and he could do the same. I quickly ran towards the phone hopping from my bed pretending to be a burly-showstopping-unstopable-tank-NFL-running back. Pretending the winding hallway was trying to take me down. I hopped up and grabbed the phone. I began smashing the buttons with so much pure excitement I accidently called someone else. I then calmed myself down and dialed the correct number. No one picked up the phone so I left a message. I waited what I thought was hours but had only been five minutes then called again. Expecting to hear his voice, I had planned out what to say. Then again, no answer. I was so down. I practically cried so hard I could barley breathe. My dad began to talk to me but I had no idea what he was saying over my whaling. He allowed me for the first time to walk to Gerald’s home. He kept asking me if I knew the way and to be mindful of traffic. I kept nodding not even listening to what he was saying. My body was shaking full of newfound energy. It was just like the time I had eaten my whole sack of Halloween candy in one night. I told him I would call him once I arrived at Gerald's house. I began my journey smiles and eyes forward at attention as if I was on a mission. I marched across each crosswalk, looking both ways of course. My heart was racing as I crossed each street though. I was afraid of getting hit by a car. It was one of my biggest fears at the time. Still I made it out alive, breathing a large sigh of relief each time. In my mind I thought of all the things Gerald and I would play. Pokémon was, of course, one thing we would play. It was our favorite thing to play. It was one thing that brought us together. I smiled at the thought of such fun that awaits me. I arrived at his driveway after I snapped out of this daydream. Such a long walk seemed so short. My little legs so tired I sat down in his driveway for a bit. The hot concrete below me forced me to stand right when I sat down. My head damp with sweat as well as my shirt. I pushed the doorbell and waited. I waited almost ten minutes and nothing. I began to give up and walked back home. All that for nothing. I almost began to cry. It was as if none of my friends cared about me. As if my small world was falling apart. I arrived home sad and defeated. Walking up the steps of my stoop and my dad was there and said Gerald had called and asked if I could come over. I began to glow and my father could see it. Confusion quickly followed. I said, "Daddy I was just there and nobody answered the doorbell." He just said, "maybe he just got home and got your message?" So once again I went off but when I arrived no answer again. It seemed like he was toying with me. I was not mad but I began to cry on his driveway. This was not even funny I yelled his name but nothing worked. I dragged my sweaty body back home. I couldn’t take it anymore I was done walking. He could have said he didn’t want to hang out with me. I ran up the front steps past my dad who was watering the roses. My face was soaking with sweat and tears. I had a face so red it could be compared to a tomato. I flopped onto my parent’s bed where I usually went for comfort. Sobbing heavily I could feel my heart ache. My dad walked into the doorway. He said "John we need to talk." He walked toward the bed to sit beside me on the bed. I knew something was wrong from the look on his face through my teary eyes. He took his hand and swabbed my tears away from my eyes so I could see clear. "John, do you remember how Gerald was going to move? Well, his parents bought a house and he is at the new house not his old one. I am sorry John." I erupted in a screaming tantrum and cried until I fell asleep in his arms. Even today I still miss my friend and wonder how my life would be so much better. He always gave me a boost of confidence. Thank god I still see him and stay in contact. I have no idea where I would be without him. He is leaving me though again. Let's see how I hold up when he is in Europe for college. No matter what he will always be my best friend.

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Enzo B. said...
Jan. 10, 2011 at 9:02 am
The story was amazing, i almost cried.
Aspiringauhor said...
Jan. 9, 2011 at 7:58 pm
I like the part about how you'll hold up when he is in Europe for college... That was funny. :)
Tyler M. replied...
Jan. 10, 2011 at 8:58 am
Oh what a sweet story!
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