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December 14, 2010
By Jorge Vazquez BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Jorge Vazquez BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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bullying happens because maybe the bully them self are be treated like bad so
maybe the only way the bully can fell go about them self is to put others down
so that the other kid will feel bad but the bully will feel good about them self.
So there are three main types of bullying cyber physical and variably.

One day I remember well is when a bully came what thought was me but instead
it was the kid next to me, he threw the boys book on the floor and I picked the
boys book up and gave it to him and I told the bully to “back off” but he said “this is not your problem so back off kid”. But the bell rang so the bully had to go and the boy was
safe for now. The boy thanked me for standing up for him and that no one has ever done that for him. I said “no problem” The boy was in my class I guess he was new
because i did not know him yet and he sat right across from me. So I asked him his name and he told me his name was Peter
So I said welcome to this school and he said “thanks” the bell rang and it was time for lunch and i was getting my lunch with my friends and and we
were talking about how boring it was to sit and do nothing. As i was sitting down I noticed the new kid was sitting all by him self so I told my friends
lets go sit next to the new kid. so we asked him if we could sit next to him
he said yes. So we sat with him and the bell rang so we went to class we
sat down and the teacher said we are going to P.E and we are going to play
dodge ball. But we were playing against the bully. So we started to play and
we were doing ok. But the bully threw a ball and I caught it and he was out.
So our team won and we were going back to class and the bully was waiting for us and he said we were dead. School had ended and I was going to get on my bus but the bully was walking towards me and he was right behind meI saw the kid and I guess the bully did not see him he was after me. The bully threw a punch and he missed he tried to hit me but he missed every time. I got on the bus and the kid was safe again. On the next
day the bully was waiting again but this time he had his buddiess well, guess what, so did I. He was scared and me and my friends just kept walking and we were laughing about a joke my friend made. Today we had music
and I was not in the mood to sing. It was finally over we learned about fractions in math.and I had a burrito for lunch. It was time for recess and we were playing basket ball the bully had found the kid alone and he was going to beat him up so I told my friends we quickly ran to were the kid and the bully was I shoved the bully and he was going to punch me but my friends had surround him he gave up and he left. So I guess the bully
had left his bullying ways but I was wrong he was even worse than before so I told him to stop and stop bullying other people he said "ok" but he lied and he punched me I in the gut by surprise and I got angry and hit him the face he started to cry then me the bully and me were deep trouble. We talked to the principal and I was not in trouble and the bully was no more. There was another bully who wanted to pick on my friend but my friend did not know that.

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