Would you...?

December 18, 2010
By , Albuquerque, NM
If I told you father that I cant stand you loving those other girls children would you still love me?
If I told you sometimes I cry at night because I know that I'm leaving would you help me stop? I know you think I'm fine but im still suprised you belive me. After all I thought I was still your bestfriend and we would all ways be together. Then again after all the lies you told to me about going "camping" its really funny to see you still belive me. Now tell me again father when I went to visit you and I could help but cry do you regret thinking I was fine? I know you think I'm just all fine and dandy but the truth is for once in my life I wanna stop pretending. If I told you how I felt I know how you would feel. Sometimes I just sit out my window and wonder why you never fought for my mom back. After all these years I always thought there would be hope. But I guess sometimes theres sacrifices we have to make and you guessed it mine was not only not moving from my friends it was lossing all the trust in my one and only father.

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