An American Chldhood

December 14, 2010
By , tucson, AZ
Around 2000, I turn five, and celebrate the first birthday I can remember.

Around 2001, I enter kindergarten and on the very first day I meet a kid named Adam Parker. We are instant friends.

Around 2008, I move from my childhood house to a new one in the same city. It’s more central and I like it.

Around 2009, I go to camp with my friend Adam for the second time. We become friends with two girls from Phoenix, who we see next year as well.

Around 2004, I find a $100 bill at an apple orchard. I give it back to the Japanese tourist who is frantically checking her wallet. She buys me apple ice cream. It doesn’t make up for it.

Around 2006, I change schools from my elementary school to a charter school. I cry after my first day because the only kid who I meet is incredibly weird. I fear I’ve made a horrible mistake in changing schools.

Around 2005, I star in our class’s production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (I am Willy Wonka.)

Around 1999, I am four years old and playing hide and go seek or tag or something… I’m not sure but it doesn’t matter because I’m enjoying myself.

Around 2010, I leave my charter school to go to a public high school. I leave because all my friends leave too, and I don’t want to be a loner.

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