Life Through Memories

December 14, 2010
By Anonymous

Life Through Memories
Around 2005
I receive a concussion while playing football against the Steelers. I am so scared I scream like a wounded solider in war. I see many shades of red and green. I lose my childhood innocence on this day.
Around 2002
I got my first dog for a gift on Valentines Day. I name her Daisy and I love her with all my heart. Her fur color is as bronze as a bar of gold. She is also crazy, that’s for sure.
Around 1997
My family and I move from my old home in the middle of Tucson, Arizona. Although I can’t remember those days I always hear stories from them and it some how brings back memories.
Around 2006
I go to Edina, Minnesota for Christmas. While I am in the hot tub with my cousins, they dare me to jump out in the 15-degree weather and go tackle a snowman they recently built. I did, and almost froze to death.
Around 1998
I become interested in sports. I never stop after that day.
Around 2009
Jonny Flores and I are daredevils. We build bombs with everyday contraptions. Our “missions” were going smoothly until we decide to build a chlorine bomb. We have never made a chlorine bomb before so we didn’t know how the chemicals of rubbing alcohol and chlorine would react. I shortly found out when it blew up in my hand and made me blind and deaf for some time.
Around 1995
I am born in Tucson Medical Center. The doctor told my parents that one day I would be something special. I hope he is right.
Around 2004
I go to Coronado, California and become interested in The Navy Seals. In the upcoming years I get to take a tour in the Naval base and pretend to be my friend’s cousin.
Around 2007
I am playing in the football championships today. I am on the Tucson Chargers and I am the star running back. We lose by a field goal in the last seconds. I will never forget this day.
Around 2005
I am playing three sports and I am also becoming an athlete. I am playing soccer for Tucson Soccer Academy, baseball for the Canyon View League, and football for the Tucson Chargers.
Around 2000
I go to my first day of school. I challenge myself in academics at a young age. My parents tell me that it is key to be smart and well as an athlete. They also say that there are no stupid athletes. This statement is going to guide my life.

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