Informed Decisions are the Foundation of Voting Responsibly (May 2010 Elections)

December 18, 2010
By MishaSalud GOLD, Parañaque, Other
MishaSalud GOLD, Parañaque, Other
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It is a fact that 54% of the total voting population comes from the youth segment. Of the 2.6 million new voters, 80% are youth.

This data shows the critical role the youth will play in this coming election. But more importantly, they have the power to shape the future of the country and not just for themselves but for all of us to benefit from.

Voting in the 2010 Elections is a privilege that should be seen by the young as a responsibility for their future and for their community. Therefore the youth should take it seriously by getting involved from the registration process to the actual voting on the day in May 2010.

The youth knows well that before they make an important decision, they do some kind of investigation and research, just like choosing a course or school in college, or just even choosing the best brand or model of a mobile phone. They check on the internet, visit stores, and ask those who know the brand or model, get to know the features, compare the prices and colors to other brands and models. From here they decide and would be happy and convinced about their choice.

Similarly, before they cast their votes, they make a decision, an informed decision to vote responsibly. Informed decisions can be made if the young voters especially the first-timers are able to know more about the candidates: their platform of governance, track record, and everything else that speaks of their person and character. After all, the youth nowadays don’t just believe easily. They know and feel what is authentic and true.

Media is bombarded by a lot of political advertisements. More and more politicians are even getting into the internet just to reach the youth. Good thing is that the youth now are quite different than before. I believe that they will not be easily swayed by advertisements or nice jingles. The youth may like the beat and the nice look of the ad, but I believe they can be more demanding than that. As consumer research experts say, these youth are labeled as: The Gen Y; The 24/7 Generation; the Instant Impatient Breed or the “I want to join and not just watch it” type of viewer.

The youth is very impatient because they were born in a world full of “instant” as a brand. It is like instant coffee, instant noodles, instant connection, and instant millionaire. With this character, they want the candidates to give instant answers to their questions in mind yet should be honest and true.

Another description of the youth is the “I want to join not just watch” type of crowd. That is why that they like on television are the reality shows which invite the viewer to participate by sending their votes through texts or calls, like Pinoy Big Brother, American Idol, Pinoy Dream Academy and so much more. The youth gets bored easily that is why they want to be part of the show as well.

No wonder there are several youth-led organizations that are actively promoting voter’s education in the country such as Youth Vote Philippines and Young Public Servants whose objective is to get more information about the candidate’s comprehensive profiles. In the internet the youth are sharing their views and insights through blogs, messenger and texting. This is how the youth participate and learn more to make an informed decision come May 2010 Elections.

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