The Big Game

December 17, 2010
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I can’t believe we made it to the Fairfield JR. Babe Ruth championships. We had a .500AVG in wins and losses, not a bad record but not the best for a team in the championship game. Then came my first at bat of the game, I slowly crept over to the fence and grabbed a bat. Every step I took towards the plate butterflies/nerves slowly took over my body. As I stepped up at the plate with my legs feeling like paper I saw the pitcher began his windup but I suddenly froze. All I could do was watch the first pitch go by me and hear the ump say the word strike 1. Finally my body snapped out of the trance and I was able to control my body but that still didn’t get rid of the butterflies/nerves I had. The pitcher then began his wind up and as I watched the ball soar towards me I heard clack and I saw the ball fly over the 3rd baseman’s head and scoring in 1 run and now a man on 1st and 3rd. then after our my team scored 7 runs in the first inning I knew this was going to end up as a happy ending for us but not so much for the other team. I played pretty good for feeling nervous with butterflies throughout the game. then came my second at bat of the game, as I walked up to the plate I wasn’t getting butterflies which was a shock to me from how bad they were at my first at bat. For the rest of the game the butterflies never came back. Until the bottom of the 7th inning with no outs and I was playing 2nd base. The pitcher began his wind up and then a ball hit to me, 1 out the ump said. Then next batter stepped up to the plate and our pitcher began his wind up and struck that batter out. Then came the final out we needed our pitcher began his wind up again and a pop up to our shortstop clap as the ball landed in his glove. Batters out the ump said. We won I said and we the team and I ran up to the plate to shake the other teams hand and as we were just about to do a victory lap around the field our coach said no because he doesn’t think it is right for us to rub it in the other teams face. But I did learn that whenever something is important it always happens fast. I also learned that when you are nervous in my case think of the championship game as a regular game and don’t think about it then they should go away.

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