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December 1, 2010
By krysling PLATINUM, Naples, Florida
krysling PLATINUM, Naples, Florida
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I have found that when a person gets involed with cloak and dagger business, they usually end up deep in the cloak, without the dagger and out a business.

trip but don’t fall. dance but don't balance. live in balance but don't forget to taste the chaos. and praise the earth, she’ll not forsake you. do not fear the darkness, it will hold and hide you, let it come as a comfort to a burning soul that has been seared by light. do not shy from the light, it will cleanse your heart, and your mind if you let it in. pain is only a part of life, and if you feel it, you are alive. even if your heart does not beat, and you have no breath. embrace the pleasures of your existance simply because you can. don’t over indulge, gluttony is an unattractive sin after all, but indulge just enough. dance in the rain if it pleases you, sleep- just sleep- in your lovers arms if it eases an ache in your soul. you will learn something new everyday, you just have to pay attention to realize it. let music wash over you like water, sink into you and take up residence in your mind. it may be solace, and it may drive insanity from you, as it does so often for me, when the words in my head swell to a roar that threatens to overwhelm the harshness that is reality. believe in the powers of knowledge and self. you possess both, therefore- you are powerful. believe that. you contain within you beauty and power, it will show itself in time. and when it does, let it show.

The author's comments:
i was in a mood, and it just came to me. use it well.

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