The First Thing Thats Mine

November 25, 2010
By redz14 SILVER, Bridgeton, New Jersey
redz14 SILVER, Bridgeton, New Jersey
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Blinding bright light was the first thing I saw. Next, was a masked man with squinted eyes. He hollered jibberish that not even I, king of gibberish, could understand. Everything, all the colors, the lights, and the people swirled together and the cheering was deafening. I wailed -my first kind of communication- to let everyone know there was an excruciating pain in my chest. The masked man handed me off to some other people which I figured were there to help. They helped clean me and puff some crazy stuff into my nose and ears. My crying started to die down and I was placed into the arms of this beautiful woman. Her beauty was what had completely quieted me down. I stared and yawn at her long dark brown hair, her big metallic glasses, and her tierd blue eyes. Who was this exotic woman? How did she have any signifigance to me? Confused I started to wail again. In support the woman bounced me and held me close. Then, she did the stragest most comforting thing ever! She kissed my forhead with this magnifigant power which I don't recall knowing. But, that power was enough for me to calm down and settle back into her arms. Then was when I decided that she was mine.

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