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December 17, 2010
By brozayashere BRONZE, Washington
brozayashere BRONZE, Washington
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"Everything happens for a reason." I believe this is the perfect quote for one of the people I look up to. She’s been through a lot in her life.

“Gross. You’re so ugly. You have horrible hair. Blah, blah, blah.” That’s the kind of stuff she had to deal with during the ending of middle school and first couple years of her high school career. She had a rough high school experience. Mostly every school she went to, something similar to that happened. She had to change schools a lot not because she was a wimp and couldn’t handle the girls who were jealous of her, but because no one wants to walk through the halls at school, hearing that everyday, and come home with tears rolling down your cheeks. Changing schools would be hard for anyone to do. Imagine leaving the friends you’ve made, and go to a whole different school with a bunch of unknown faces. She kept her grades up, and got through some school. By age 17, she was pregnant with her first child. So she wasn’t attending school much. She got through the pregnancy easy, and was back in school. Super bowl Sunday came along, and her boyfriend asked for her hand in marriage. She got a beautiful ring, they aren’t married yet, but when they have the time and money it will probably happen. January 25, 2010, she turns 18. She eventually graduated high school with honors.

“Congratulations, class of 2010.” The audience clapped, and they walked off the stage. Everyone was so proud of her. She received about 15 balloons, and her baby got to see her graduate. She’s been trying to go to college, that hasn’t happened yet unfortunately. But every one of her family members knows it will someday. She can have a rough life at home, with a lot of animals and a lot of people living there. It can get a bit hectic, and some tension starts to build. Yelling goes on in the house, tears fall, and doors slam. This doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. She’s had a rough couple years, but everything that has happened, has shaped her into what she is today. She’s an inspiration to me, and I bet a lot of other people. She’s been a great mother to her gorgeous daughter so far, who will be one next year. She has many fans, including me. She has a big life ahead of her, obstacles may get in the way but she will definitely overcome them. She could be called an outsider by some people, but she’s loved by many. What doesn’t kill her will make her stronger.

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