Family Time

December 16, 2010
By alex. BRONZE, Fairifield, Connecticut
alex. BRONZE, Fairifield, Connecticut
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Boom the fire works exploded over my head as the beach fell silent and the only noise was the exploding of the fireworks. It was like one million bombs were going off over my head at the same time. I sat low in the trench that my friend and I dug so that we could be sitting at the perfect angle to see the fireworks. As fire works exploded in the sky I saw one firework that brought me back to the first time I ever saw the Barnum Fireworks on our boat.
“Its time to pack the bags”, my dad said as we prepared to head out on our first overnight of the season. But this overnight was special, We were going out on the boat to see the Barnum Festival Fireworks for the first time. “YES” my sister screamed “finally it is time to go”. We packed food and a couple of sweatshirts and it was time to hit the open sea. Click click click vromm… the engine started and we were off to see the fireworks.
As we motored out I felt as if the day’s stresses melted away, this was where I loved to be. We motored over into a little cove the prime firework spot and laid down the anchor. My dad hauled out the grille and started cooking the hamburgers. The burning smell of gas mixed with the smell of hamburgers came of the grill and into my nose. I stare at the grill and imagine the wonderful taste of the big juicy brown hamburger. Grrrrrr my stomach feels like it is about to explode. I feel as if I haven’t eaten in days. My dad lifts it of the grill and drops it in the soft fluffy bun. Then I put on the lettuce and tomato with just a drop of ketchup and mustard. I close the bun make a clean cut down the middle. I lift it up to my mouth and take a bite, I chew slowly as the flavor explodes in my mouth. That is when I realize I am out on the water. I enjoy my hamburger as my family talks about the day and what they are expecting from the fireworks tonight.
Right then above our heads BOOM colors explode over our heads. It looks as if millions of tiny little lights were dancing over our heads. The vibrations would shake the boat and make ears ring. I could see the barge we were only about ¼ of a mile away. “That ones a firefly” my sister said as we tried to name all of the different fireworks soaring up into the sky. The grand finale ended and I could still hear the fireworks as if they were still happening.
Then by the time it was over it was 10:30 and time for bed. When I went inside to go to bed and made sure everything was tidy. I crawled into the bed closed my eyes I fell asleep instantly. The soft rocking of the boat and the gentle sound of water lapping on the hull can turn you off like a light switch. The scent of blueberries and the delicious pastries hits my nose as I slowly breathe in. “Breakfast” my mom said as everyone rushed to get the biggest apple turnover. My mom slit the plastic part of the box open with a knife and there they were two blue berry turnovers and two apple turnovers. My mom and sister get the apple and my dad and I get the blueberry witch are our favorites.
I bite in and instantly remember all of the other times that we have had sleepovers on the boat and remember all of the fantastic times. Something about being on the water can melt away a lifetime of stress. It is the perfect type of activity to bring a family together and what I think everyone needs a little more of, Relaxation.

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