December 16, 2010
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How would life as you know it, turn out if one thing never happened? 5-6 years it was a bone-chilling morning. In the half-sized apartment building of Roosevelt Island, NY, still in my PJ’s, I was seating silently at my snow-white kitchen table. I gazed to my right and viewed the vast unique buildings of NYC, through my crystal clear 6th floor window. I turned to my bowl of cereal. The warm bowl seemed to glow in my hands. I zoomed in on the milk and slurped the heart-warming liquid down my throat. The sweetness was trapped in my mouth. It was a wonderful feeling. My bare feet on the cold black floor, I feel the cold creep up my skin like an electric shock. When I finally put down my empty bowel, I look up. Mom is in front of me looking excited. She walks over and takes a seat. “Guess what?” she asks.
“What is it?” I reply.
“We’re moving!” she exclaims. I immediately freeze for a moment. Most people would think that moving could give them a chance to re-create their reputation/self and do things differently this time around. I was around 7-8 years old when this happened. None of these thoughts crossed my mind. My thoughts were; What? Where? When? Will I see my friends again? Yesssss! Noooo! 1000 different emotions and thoughts were brewing in my brain. But one thought really stood out! ‘Finally I can escape from this place.’
It’s not until now that I realize it wasn’t that unbearable, but I’m a lot happier now than before I moved. Even though I wanted to move badly, I was considering moving wouldn’t be the best thing for my dad, brother, mom, and I. Boy was I wrong.

A few weeks after hearing the news, I’m here in Connecticut. I’m with my younger brother, mom, and dad. We’re in Fairfield with a real-estate agent. You could probably guess what our business there was. Guided by the agent, she showed us many houses for auction. Many of them weren’t real enormous or as fancy as our expectations. I noticed how CT was a lot different than big ol’ NYC. There was 1 billion times more peace and no litter all over the place. Connecticut also seems to have an infinite number of trees. Anyways, we came across a particular house. It grasped our attention in a freaky but eye-catching way. The game changer as I call it. As we pulled into the driveway for the first time, I notice the unusually long grass in the front. ‘Seems like the owners could care less about the lawn,’ I was thinking. The house was medium sized. It looked like it had 1 floor but was longer than most houses. I could hear the tires grind on the rocky driveway. White and Brown bricks seemed to be the color of choice for this particular house. The massive garage door looked it could open and swallow up 4 cars whole! Since it was a while back I don’t remember what the ground was like much. All I recall is that it was messy. Now if you come by you’ll see bricks instead off rocky dirt ground. As the car game to a halt, I climbed out and stretched for a few seconds. I felt so tight from the car ride. After everyone was out we strolled down a few steps to the peculiar door. It was white and the knob was in the middle. The agent shuffled to the door and took out a key ring. After about a minute she found the right one and unlocked the door. I couldn’t help but notice the chirping birds and the lush green leaves of the tallest trees. The breeze was gently blowing and it seemed time stood still. As I stepped in I noticed there were 3 different ways to go. The agent led us four to the far right. She was explaining the house to my mom and dad, but it was all mumbo-jumbo to my ears. My attention was at….everywhere. The entire house was white. I did not like it one bit, no I didn’t. The walls, floor, furniture, ceiling, everything. It was like I took a time machine and zapped myself back to the 70’s. I did like however, the space and the light coming in. It seemed natural, like it meant to be this way. I could live here as soon as I get rid of the plain color. Right then and there, I made up my mind. I wanted to live here. Lots of work would be needed but it’ll be perfect when we’re done with it. So out of all the houses guess which one we bought?

Many weeks later after putting a bid for the “funky” house, my family received a letter in the mail. We took the letter and gathered in the apartment living room. I leaped up in joy after reading the letter. We got the house! It was one of the biggest moments of my short life. I just stood there and smiled. I knew then that it was worth taking the chance of moving to Connecticut. If I hadn’t I don’t have a clue how I would turn out today. This leads back to what I was saying in the beginning. So you tell me; how would life turn out if one event never happened?

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