Worst Day of My Life

December 16, 2010
By Griffin Lail BRONZE, Lilburn, Georgia
Griffin Lail BRONZE, Lilburn, Georgia
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I would start this story as a once upon a time but, I didn’t want to sound all sappy. It was more like on a nice and scorching hot summer day in Duluth, Georgia there was a boy who loved to ride dirt bikes. That boy’s name was Griffin. He had been riding since he was 5 years old and has always been a good, intelligent rider. He had spent the night at his uncle’s house where he spent tons of time in the summer. It was a work day for his uncle and he couldn’t ride dirt bikes unless an adult was there. In Georgia you almost never wear jeans in the summer unless you have to. On this hot day there was no way that the boy was going to wear jeans. This was where he made his big mistake.

Once his uncle had gotten home for his lunch break the boy rushed to go ride his dirt bike. He didn’t wear jeans so he rode his little bike that his brother used. After a while he went back in for a quick lunch of delicious, healthy McDonalds. Then he was right back out to his first love. He immediately noticed that there was something wrong with the bike. Griffin thought it was low gas and refilled it feeling rushed for time. After taking a while to start, he was out and rearing to go, yet something just didn’t feel right. It was if he knew something was going to go wrong.

After jumping some of the little humps his uncle had set up in the front yard he was now confident riding his little brother’s bike. There was a long driveway splitting the yard on Griffin’s uncle’s property, and on the far end of the myriad driveway, a little driveway jump that is used for smaller bikes like this one. Only Griffin thought he might get a little tricky on this jump. He decided to jump it from where you usually land to where you usually jump. As Griffin approached the jump he felt as confident as he possibly could. He must have hit a rock that set his alignment off as he started to land. From there the whole world went crashing downward. Before he could even react he was on the ground with the motor running and the tire was eating away at his right leg.

Griffin’s brother had been watching the entire time and then came to his aid. He told his brother to go get his uncle. He went off the wrong way as he was screaming in pain. His uncle came up riding a 4 wheeler and then helped Griffin into his house where he assessed Griffin’s injury. Luckily there was no extreme injury. After this little ordeal Griffin learned a valuable lesson: always wear jeans while riding a Dirt bike.

The author's comments:
I experienced this on a hot day this summer and was the worst day of my life so far.

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