As Comfortable as I Can Get

December 16, 2010
By Anonymous

Even before I heard the big news, I was having a rotten day I woke up having a stiff neck my brother’s foot was in front of my face it smelled so bad that I wanted to throw up. I held it back as I got still half asleep trying to find my sandals and not waking my parents at the same time(it wasn’t easy). I went to take a shower but I slipped and fell down. I was eating my food when my mom walked in, she was smiling more then usual, that was usually a good sign. My mom finally spoke “Everyone I have something to tell you” she said
I didn’t know what to except the only thing in my mind was that we were finally rich. “Were moving to Connecticut” I almost choked on my food even my brother seemed surprise “What did you say” hoping I heard her wrong but I was wrong she said my dad got a job there and we need to move as soon as possible. I just couldn’t believe what we had to do.

Time seemed to slow down for me which was frustrating I just couldn’t get those words in my head but I knew there was no changing there mind, whatever decision my parents made it was final. Things got even WORSE to take many of our stuff we had to go by car. I just hope it won’t be as bad as I think it will be. I was wrong I tried to get in a good position but it was hard my mom and dad in the front. My brother and sister in the back, and me and my little brother in the way back. I knew everybody would start getting stressed. I kept trying to find a good position but so far I couldn’t find a good position it was like trying to find a spot with no open space. I knew it wasn’t over it just began. This was never going to end I just looked outside watching cars go by my little sister crying and my parents yelling at us to make her stop crying every once in awhile we had to stop to get gas all the time which was good I could always get snacks there. I went to the bathroom and it was disgusting it was so dirty with flies hanging on the sealing, broken mirrors and a terrible smell it was like bacterias begging me to get sick. I just wanted to get out of there, man I thought when will this end.

Halfway there and things get worse I started to daydream about another long trip we took, not as long as the one we are doing right now. We were headed to a summer house in San Diego and it was a long trip, everybody was tired because it was late and we really just wanted to get there. I once again tried to get comfortable but it was just impossible. When I got back to my senses we stopped for gas again and was just about to leave until I said I needed to go to the bathroom, everybody was mad. Finally we were getting close which was good I had bad hair and all of us haven’t showered in days I focused more about what was going to happen, time finally started to move faster and I was worried about what was going to happen next. We FINALLY made it. We had to find a place to stay until we could get a real home for us, the new smell all around me the surroundings it felt like a new start to me and I new it wasn’t going to be easy we had to find a house with the budget we got but I didn’t care I just relaxed close my eyes didn’t really care what I was wearing and took a nice good nap.

Time passed and we got a nice house, dad got the job everything was getting better. It was time to start school. I knew I was a little late but I had to go do it and I thought hey if I could sleep in a car I can do this, time seemed to move even faster I took a long deep breath sweat dripping in my face and in the end I learned to try something new and took a step inside my new school.

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writerssoul said...
on Jan. 7 2011 at 10:50 pm
writerssoul, One, Delaware
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this is a very good memoir. its come a long way since its first draft. like the part where u talk about the "bacteria , begging you to get sick" a little gross but a good description

Shadow137 said...
on Dec. 20 2010 at 4:34 pm
Nice memoir

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