December 16, 2010
By brandon bisack BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
brandon bisack BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
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So much adrenaline rushing through my body; it was the championship game. I was sprinting in place because I was ready to get into the game; with only two minutes left. The referee whistled us into the game, to finish what we had started. I thought that we were going to lose. We were down by 10 points. When we swaged onto the floor I scanned the team with my hawk eyes to get them scared. They thought the game was going to be over, I thought different. We got the ball first. I dribbled in and out of the defenders, and got the ball to our side of the court. Nobody was on me, so I pulled up from the three point line and drained the shot. I love the swish sound when the ball hits the basket. I thought “if they let me do that ill hit them all game”. Now we were down by 7 points. “We have a shot” I screamed at the top of my lungs. What a great start. I heard my coach yelling “Good work guys keep up the intensity”. I glanced up at the clock it read “1:30”. They brought that ball up and ran their dumb motion play. I knew what was going they pass the ball under the hoop. So I waited until the ball went up and stole the pass. This started a strong fast break. I heard my teammate saying “outlet” which meant I should pass it to him. So in did. There was a person running up the floor, he baseball passed it to him and he got the layup. Just like that we were only down by 5. “Nice fast break men”, I yelled at the top of the lungs. They brought the ball up and we trapped the guard. The player through the ball up and we stole it from the air. I sprinted up the court and went to the corner (That was my favorite spot to shoot from), nobody was looking so Chris passed the ball to me and I swished the three pointer. “Wow that felt great to do”. The score was now 53-51 we were only down by 2 points. Stupidly the in bounder stepped on the line before he passed the ball, so we got the ball back. I called out stack (that was one of our plays). I slammed the ball and the play broke out. Chris went off the pick and was right under the basket. I passed it to him and we scored a basket. We were tied up. There was 10 seconds left and they turned the ball over. We called a timeout with 5 seconds left on the clock. When we were in the huddle coach said “Bisack you’re taking the shot”. So, many thoughts went through my mind right at that second. Like last year “It was the same place same time”. I had to take the winning shot. “you know what happens left”, I messed up the shot. It was a wide open three. “Let’s go”, “Let’s go”, the referee was yelling. We were none for staying in the huddle for too long. When we went onto the court i told myself “take a deep breath and shoot”. It was time. Chris inbounded to me. I took a huge dribble to the 3 point line. I knew there was only 5 seconds left on the clock. I quickly thought “pass or shoot”. Nobody was open shoot was my only option. I took the shot. It went up at the perfect angle. It looked good. Until it got closer and closer, when it was a foot away I knew it was right down the middle. As it went through the hoop I could see the net swish up. Inside I was going crazy, outside I was even crazier. That was it the game was over. The crowed was going wild. They all stormed onto the court. I felt like a hero. It was my most memorable moment during the summer. After we got our T-shirts and trophies all of the coaches said that our game was the best. I was so hyper I was running around jumping up and down.

The author's comments:
This piece is about my winning shot. I picked this piece because it shows hardwork and determination a young boy had.

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