December 16, 2010
By Anonymous

“Hey mom.” ”yeah”. What are you cooking?” Nothing why?” There smoke streaming through the wooden door. mom stepped slowly and she opened the door It was like a ocean of flames and there flames destroyed anything in its way.mom tried to reach the phone but by time she’s went to the kitchen to get it was melted I sat there and think to myself what happened is this real am I dreaming ? I heard sirens and I saw blue and red light flashings everywhere someone had called the fire department and the cops I her screams and sights from my sister her room burned down and all her toys and pillow her favorite blanket was all burned! I got a little dizzy the smoke cover my whole house now and the fire man escorted us out of the house and mom asked the fire man with the nice face can she use his phone He said yes with a crooked smile she called my grandmother and se picked me my sister up and my mom we had to get my brother from school when we told him he was happy we had to move .but I wasn’t all my friends were here my school… I remember falling asleep in the car I awoke and I was in my grandmother’s house I heard my mom talking loud and sobbing so I went to check out put my ear to the door mumbles where am I going to move …I hear that and frozed I was in a complete holt and then I thought maybe she’s joking maybe I was still dream and when I go tell her the dream I had shell laugh and say that’s a weird dream better hope that doesn’t happen. Moment later I walked up the stairs mom had dried tears under her eyes rocking deviously I told her the dream she said quietly in a nice voice that wasn’t a dream her voice cracked . I croaked where are we going to go? “I don’t know so don’t go asking me billion questions” I stormed down stairs I slammed the door is hard as I could and it almost broke I went down stair for a minute so I can chill but I didn’t I got angrier every time I thought about it ..I can still see the flames. We were perfect at my house I know we don’t have a choice but I can’t move I don’t want too. My mom went to the house to get whatever that was left to bring it too are new house. So I sit there silently not moving a muscle I was sadder than a pig about to get slaughtered. Two weeks of misery went by the we moved in too are new house I was too sad to notice we were right across the are old house The I begin to be happy I was being all grumpy for no apparent reason I went to the same school and still hung with my friends everything went good.. I just don’t want any more cats because I don’t want this to happen again I wouldn’t be able to take moving would rather stay here I beginning to be comfortable and call this place home I drift away too sleep I smell smoke I awake and there flames everywhere then I whispered not again then I finally awoke for really and noticed that it was a dreaming …..

The author's comments:
My memoir is about me and my famliy losing our house to a fire and we didnt have enough money to buy a new house..and we make our way through this.

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