All Stars

December 16, 2010
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One of my favorite activities to do over the summer, is play on the all star team. I have

tried to make the all star team ever since I was six years old. I wasn’t very good at

baseball, but over the years as I got older I became better and better at baseball. I became

a reasonably good pitcher, but not good enough to make the all-star team. Then, at age

ten I started working with a pitching and hitting coach who played in the major leagues

for the Chicago white sox for a few years. After a few months with working with him, I

made the ten year old all star team for Fairfield Connecticut. I have made the all star team

for my pitching, and from then on I have been on the all-star team every year. It has been

an amazing experience for me because I get travel the state. I am pretty close to everyone

on my team, because they all either go to my school or went to my school at one point in

my life. But the coach of the all star team isn’t that nice. He is mean and he yells a lot.

It is really good for us when we win because

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