Blindfolded Kidnapping

December 15, 2010

“We need to cheer Ethan up,” Elyse announced all of a sudden while we sat at Cane’s on a hot summer day. “Let’s go on a picnic at the Mesa!” She decided knowing that Ethan would love the surprise.

“We should blindfold them!” I replied excitedly.

“Sam, we are not blindfolding our boyfriends while on a cliff. Not a good idea.” She told me laughing at the idea. “How about the park?”

Finishing our lunch of chicken fingers, french fries, and Cane’s special sauce, we jumped into my car and drove to Smith’s to grab drinks for the picnic. Discussing on the way other plans for tonight.

“I want Arizona Tea.” I told Elyse grabbing a can of Arizona’s Sweet Tea.

“Oh, what about Sobe’s?” Elyse asked energetically. After disagreeing many times about who would want what to drink we decided on a Green Tea Sobe, a Honey Green Tea Sobe, a Strawberry Lemonade Sobe, and a few bottles of water. Checking out at the self-checkout and getting back into my car, we drove the short distance back to Elyse’s house to put the drinks in the fridge outside. Only having an hour before the boys anticipated arrival.

“Okay, so let’s make sandwiches.” Elyse said grabbing bread.

Starting with the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, we made one with grape jelly and the other with strawberry. Of course, this could not of been done without making a mess. Finally finished, we cleaned the jelly that spilled on the counter and had everything ready by the time that Ethan arrived.

“Pick a scarf!” Elyse told him running up to him. A puzzled expression appeared on Ethan’s face.


“We have a surprise for you!” We said jumping up and down.

“Where’s your boyfriend?” Elyse asked. “He’s late.”

Thirty minutes and two phone calls later, Alex eventually arrived.

“Okay ready?” I asked. Both boys glanced at me nervously. Elyse started tying the black and blue scarf around Ethan’s eyes, while I did the same for Alex, but with a pink and black scarf instead.

“Why do I have the pink scarf?” Alex asked grumbling.

“Because you showed up late.” Elyse told him sternly to shush him up.
Struggling, we finally secured the scarves making the world impossible for the boys to see.

“Now you guys have to get into the car.” We told them laughing.

With his hands out stretched, Ethan carefully began shimming his feet slowly forward until his hands touched the car.

“How do you expect us to do that without falling?”

“You’re going to run me into something.” Alex told me as he grasped my hand. Ethan immediately agreed with him. Such trusting boyfriends we have.

“Can I drive?” Elyse asked as we circled around the neighborhood. Already having planned this earlier, we knew the boys would panic, which of course they did.

“What, wait, what?” The boys kept saying from the backseat, “we’re going to die.”

“You aren’t going to die.” Elyse said from the drivers’ seat.

“Elyse doesn’t even have her license.” Said Ethan reminding us.

“Are we even on the main road?” Alex asked.

“We’re pulling onto Valle Verde now.” Elyse told them as she drove the car down the neighborhood street.

From the back the boys continued yelling, “We’re going to die!” or “Help they’re kidnapping us!” All Elyse and I did was laugh at how ridiculous they were acting.

“Okay let’s switch back.” I told her after five minutes.

Leading our boyfriends to the picnic tables at the park was funnier then expected.

“Okay now here’s a curb.” Elyse told Ethan leading him away from the car.

“Sam, where’s the curb?” Alex asked me. Busy laughing at Elyse and Ethan I forgot to tell Alex to step over the curb.

“Are you okay?” I asked him between laughs.

“I’m going to die. I’m going to fall and crack my head open.” He told me.

“No you’re not. Just hold my hand.”

“Why am I walking uphill?” Ethan started questioning. Not knowing it barely classified as a hill, he started moving as slow as a snail.

“Walk faster.” I told Ethan bumping into his back.

“You might be pushing me off a cliff.” He responded.

“Take another step and you’re on concrete.” Elyse reassured him.

“Are we at a park?” Ethan suddenly asked. Elyse and I just laughed. “Oh gosh, there are people around us. They must think we’re crazy.”

“Probably, but you’re going to love it. Oh look a puppy!” Elyse excitedly exclaimed.

“A puppy? Where?” Ethan asked bending down to pet the dog.

“Hun,” Elyse said, pulling his arm to stand him upright again, “the puppy is over there.”

“I knew that.” Ethan said nonchalantly.

“Okay now stand here.” We told the boys while setting up the picnic.

“On three take the scarf off.” Elyse said.

“Oh wow babe.” Ethan said with his scarf off already.

“You didn’t wait!” Elyse said, playfully slapping his arm.

“Ethan am I going to be scared?” Alex asked.

“No, take off your scarf.” I told him.

“This is incredible.” Ethan kept repeating. “Thank you guys. This really is amazing. I can’t believe you did this.”

“This is really great.” Alex agreed. “You guys are the best.”

“We’re glad you love it.” I said to them.

“We really pulled this off,” Elyse said smiling, “and no one got hurt.”

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