Cene di Natale

December 15, 2010
By Anonymous

I have always loved Christmas. I think everyone has, at some point in their life. For most people their favorite part was running down the stairs to see the lit up Christmas tree filled with ornaments, and presents stuffed underneath the bottom. For others it was sitting in a circle with their whole family ripping open the surprise that was waiting for them under the wrapping paper. I enjoyed all of that but I didn’t love it the most. The best part of Christmas for me was the dinner on Christmas day that my family celebrates.

I have a lot of cousins, aunts, and uncles on my mom’s side so getting together was a chore. There were 32 cousins, 14 aunts and uncles and 2 grandparents. First you had to see when would be a good time for everyone. Make a lot of food. Set a lot of plates around a huge table. And the clean up afterwards was a hassle. So we didn’t have the time or energy to have a get together often. The one time of the year that everyone was available though was Christmas. I’m not going to talk about all the Christmas dinners that have happened. I will just talk about a Christmas dinner 5 years ago.
I was 8 and it was Christmas day, I got a new dress and stockings for that day and glowed with excitement. I couldn’t wait until it was the time to put my new outfit on, slip into my mary-janes, and get in the car. I had to get to my Grandmother’s house 30 minutes before everyone was coming because I had to help set the table, prepare the food, and get everything ready. When I got there I was filled with excitement and happiness. I said hello to my grandmother and grandfather.
“Hello Mimi and Papa.”
“Hi sweet heart how are you?” My grandmother asked.
“I’m great!” I replied with a big smile that stretched from ear to ear.
“Are you ready to prepare everything?” My grandfather asked.
“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

I shuffled into the dinning room hearing my shoes scuffle across the floor. I looked at the gigantic dinning table and 4 round tables next to it. I got the long tablecloth from the cabinet and laid the soft cotton down on the table. I looked at the perfect detail in every stitch of the cloth. It was whiter than snow and had more detail than a snowflake. After I put down the plates, forks, spoons, cups, and mats I headed into the kitchen. Right when I opened the door I got hit with a ball of terrific smells of pies, cakes, ham, shrimp, lasagna, and so many more foods. I hadn’t realized it but my family had already gotten to the house. I greeted everyone and asked them how they were. My cousins waited for me in the living room and the party had finally started.

There was still 1 hour before we would eat, so everyone could socialize. I had a blast. I would have appetizers surrounding me; it was hard what food I should try first. I had to eat quickly though because there was a ping pong game downstairs in the basement about to start. The hour went so fast it felt like 30 minutes. The fun had to end because it was time to eat.
I thought playing ping pong was the best part but my opinion changed when I saw all the delicious food lined up along the counter. I think I was hallucinating but I’m pretty sure there was any food or beverage you could ever want. I got my plate fast and stood in line behind so many people I thought there wouldn’t be enough for all of us. There was thankfully. I piled as much as I could onto the plate because I knew all the good food would be gone soon. After getting all of my dinner I went to my seat at the round table. Sadly only adults could sit at the big table, kids had to sit in the round tables. I was squashed by cousins and loved it. We all eat our food having short breaks to talk in between. When everyone was done the kids, including me, ran off because we all knew that now was the cleaning up part that everyone dreaded. While the adults cleaned up my cousins and I played a long game of hide and seek. I was always found first since all the good spots to hide were taken up by my cousins.

I played and such a great time. Talking and eating more food, it was great. After about 2 hours it was time to exchange Christmas gifts. I made my own pile and got so many I couldn’t count. They were all great gifts and I thanked everyone that gave me a present. When it was late I had to go home. I was sad but the day was spent well. In the car I thought back on everything that had happened. This was the best Christmas I could ever have and next year I bet is going to be even better! With that thought still in my mind I fell asleep in the car.

Looking back as a 13 year old it made my childhood memories co special and meaningful. It was the one thing I always looked forward to no matter what. I’m glad that my family gets together during meaningful times like this because it’s what keeps us close.

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