December 15, 2010
By jbaldyga BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
jbaldyga BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
"Do what you like, and like what you do."

Things happen to us that can change us for a lifetime. It’s just one brief decision or mistake that you change the outcome, or possibly you; forever.

I ached as the bus jerked forward to stop. My forehead hit the handle of the seat in front of me. Pain rushed through me as I slowly reclined back into my seat with a hang slapped on my head. The stiff seat kept me squirming around in my puffy ski coat. My boots clanked against the linoleum of the floor. I slowly rose up to haul my belongings off the hot and sweaty bus. I was rushed with a stream off freezing air on my bare face, making me cringe.

I felt the same feeling an hour later. The chairlift slipped and slid over and under my gloves. Our noses were red and our fingertips felt like icicles.

As we slid off the chairlift my goggles were covered with snow from the freezing cold wind. I quickly wiped them off and trotted behind my friends.

“Guys, let’s go down this one.”Jen yelled as she raised her arm to point at an icy sign that read, ciao.

“Uh, it seems too hard.” Screamed Liz.

“We’ll be fine.” Screeched Katie.

“Yeah, c’mon!” Jen urged.

As we pulled over the edge of the trail, I froze. I slowly lugged my skis to the side to stop. The beauty of the snow crusted ice amazed me. The evergreens that lined the trail were the only powdery snow that I saw. I was turned from a 7th grader to a 4 year old baby crying for her mom. I can still remember being that age, or at least wanted my mom. Like when I was dropped off at Kindergarten for the first time. I just needed her by my side to do anything. And wow, she was now the one that trusted me to do the right thing, and there I was taking on something that I couldn’t handle. I want and need my mom. My sister Cara was always having fun in the lodge with my mom after she was hit by a 40 year old man while skiing. She was cautious, and I make fun of her for that. But I wish I hadn’t, because if I were her, I wouldn’t be here. I peered over my skis to see what looked like a black hole. That would suck me in and posses me forever. But soon enough my friends had started going down the trail on their butts. I had to follow; I mean what was my other choice?

Within seconds I was hurtling down the trail with no control of what was going on without me. My eyes burned, my voice was soar and my mind was wondering what was going to happen. I felt a blow of pressure to my helmet, probably someone else on the trail. But nothing could get worse than this. Confused, I tried to stop myself. I scraped my boots against the ice, forcing shave ice in my eyes. I can’t stop. I felt like someone was pulling me down with them. But soon enough, there was a break in the trail and we all slid to a stop.

I scraped ice off my eyes. How could I be so stupid? Falling down a black? I pounded the ice with frustration. I couldn’t stop myself from shaking until my vision was blurred. Two young men in bright orange jackets slithered down the trail to help us up. Why did we need their help? Who am I kidding; we needed all the help we could get.

“Hahaha, we saw you guys falling.” They chuckled. “It was really funny!”

“Gee thanks.” I sobbed.

I looked around to see Katie and Liz slowly picking them up off the ice. They quickly dialed the ski patrol. Jen and I gathered ourselves as we started to creep down the rest of the trail. I felt weak, but like a survivor.

I heard the obnoxious scrape of the broken skis on the counter. My dad wasn’t too happy about me breaking the skis. My dad and the employee went on for what seemed like hours, arguing that he had bought the warranty. But there were no records.

Whenever I recall the accident I slow down. I can still feel the ice in my eyes. I feel like prey. Like something coming to attack me. Ever since then if my family and I are deciding a trail. I’m always the one that says no I don’t think I’m ready for that. My mom always stresses, “make good choices” and “never give into peer pressure”. I know no one over really listens to their advice. But maybe they're doing something right.

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