Blink of an Eye

December 15, 2010
By moosetracks12345 BRONZE, Redding, Connecticut
moosetracks12345 BRONZE, Redding, Connecticut
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The second I walked into the house, I knew something was wrong. I saw things missing and heard a faint noise. As I was getting closer the noise became louder. I came to see someone who looked like they haven’t slept in days until I realize it’s my mom. She looked upset and I asked, “what’s wrong?” She started to explain and at first I was upset but a few seconds later my body filled with rage. Soon enough my mom is filing a divorce along with full custody and get’s it. Once that was over, I thought it would be over. I was so wrong.
As it was going on, it wasn’t just me. My mom had 4 kids. At the time I was 5, my sister Allie was 4, my brother Max was 2, and my sister Elisabeth was just a couple months. None of us kids knew what was going on but me. Since Steve (dad) was gone, and my mom had to go back to work, my grandma (gigi) stayed home and watched us. I call him Steve because he doesn’t deserve to be called dad. Now gigi lived with us so it was easier for us to watch, but it isn’t easy having to watch 4 little kids. So now we were having a really hard time, so my mom filed that he’d have to pay child support. Did he? No. I was young so I didn’t know what he had done to us so He or I would call and talk about what’s going on and that would be it. But once I was old enough to understand everything, I stopped all contact with him.

Now I’m 13 and my family is better than ever. New House, New town, what could go wrong. Now the actual reason WHY I don’t like Steve is because of what he put our family through. He took thousands of dollars worth of Artwork, Money…… And the thing that really bothers me is that he says he “loves us” but the truth is, if he really loved he wouldn’t have left, and he would pay child support. About a year later my mom found Bill when she was looking at houses because he was a realtor. Today their still together and it’s been 8 years. Longer than Steve, plus he’s done everything better than Steve and he actually does love us. Plus he’s done everything that Steve hasn’t and even Steve knows that’s true. And no matter what Steve tries to do it won’t ever matter, because Bill has made an HUGE impact on our lives and there’s nothing that Steve can do to try and take that away.
Not too long ago, I checked my facebook and saw I had a message. I didn’t know that he had one and same with him. When I read it I saw that Steve wanted to be part of my life again, and he was sorry and that he loved us. But I replied saying “no you can’t be part or my life anymore after what you did to my family. You think you can do whatever you want and get away with it but you can’t, so don’t come asking to be part of my life cause it’s NOT going to happen.” After I clicked send, we stopped contact for good.

After all my family has gone through, we’ve become closer and familiar with each-other. And no matter what happens to our family it’ll be ok. Throughout this experience I learned that Steve is and always will be a bad role model, but everything he did made our family closer. Just like my mom says, “everything’s going to be ok” and she was totally right. For most of the time all you have to do is believe, but the real question behind this, is how we overcome and survive obstacles.

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