The River

December 11, 2010
By Anonymous

In the middle of nowhere on the border of California and Arizona lies the secluded town of Parker. A town that appears on a map solely because of its tremendous vacation attraction; the Colorado River or ‘The River.’ The river is the lifeline of everything living. As much as I don’t realize what it has done for me, I cannot help but notice the traits it establishes within me. The river is the source of the relaxed and calm lifestyle I try to achieve. A day in Parker can be simply sitting on a porch and take in the view of the blue water, choppy from all of the fanatical skiers boasting there skill. Growing up in Parker made the simple days of life become a norm within my family culture.
Beyond both sides of the river are endless trails that weave off to the edge of the earth. My persistent itch for adventure and the unknown causes me to ride the million trails every trip, even though I know each one like the back of my hand. Parker is the hiding place, the area where everyone can ignore the pressing problems at home and enjoy the simple company of there families. The bland desert enveloping Parker influence the simplicity of life. I enjoy simple aspects in society like sitting on a back porch, or conversing with the rest of the family. Parker allows me to devote time to the aspects of our lives we commonly overlook. I might not have technically been born at the River, but I sure have spent a significant amount of time for it to impact my culture.

The author's comments:
The river has been the place I have grown up going too. I never realized the impact it had on my life.

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