Take a Deep Breath...

November 23, 2010
By armygirl22 GOLD, Brandon, Florida
armygirl22 GOLD, Brandon, Florida
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i finally understand what true love really means. love means that you care for another person's happiness more than your own, no matter how painful the choices you face might be.

It all started four years ago. This is all about my rescuer. He is no prince charming, and I’m not a princess to say the least. But this is all of what he’s given me. And I’m ready to share that with all of you. Well, take a deep breath, because here it comes;

All that I’m after is a life time full of laughter, and you’ve given me so much more than I’ve ever expected anyone to give me. You’ve made me believe in love. You’ve taught me things that I never would have learned, even if they are stupid little things. You’ve shown me the world through a whole other perspective. I’ve been with you for four years now, and we haven’t completely given up once. I can’t say that we haven’t had our troubles, because no one is perfect. You’re my whole world and you mean everything to me. You have made a huge impact in my life and I am so happy with you. There are times when all we do is fight but eventually we get through it. There isn't one moment in life when I don't appreciate having you by my side, there's times when I lay in bed and think about what we've been through and a tear drop falls. My love for you is deeper than the sea. You have been there when I’ve needed you the most, and I thank God for that. When I look at you I see what an amazing man you’ve turned into. Being with you is the best feeling ever. You are the boyfriend a girl would die for and I am VERY lucky to have you. There is no one in the world that would ever take your place and no one would ever be able to give me the feelings you do. Lately you’ve been telling me you’re going to join the Army, and I can’t say that it doesn’t break my heart, because it truly does. There’s nothing else that I want to do but to spend my life with you. We’ve had our moments where we aren’t together, and those were the hardest times of my life. We have so many memories, and still some in the making. People keep on doubting us, but I know we can do this, because with a love so strong, anything is possible. And as long as I can dream, as long as I can think, as long as I have a memory, I will love you. As long as I have eyes to see, and ears to hear, and lips to speak, I will love you. As long as I have a heart to feel, a soul stirring within me, an imagination to hold you, I will love you. As long as there is time, as long as there is love, as long as there is you, as long as I have a breath to speak your name, I will love you. You are my everything and more and I'm not ever going to give you up. And I'm dreading the day I tell you "I'll see you soon, Soldier."

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