Never Let Go

November 20, 2010
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Dear You,

I can't believe you're gone.....
Everything you ever left behind seems to possess some type of evil, like it's happily left behind.
I cherish every small thing any ways.
Before you left, you asked me if you could keep my bracelet.
I allowed you for a day.
But little did I know.....

Don't let it go. Don't ever let any of this go.

Wherever you are, and wherever you will go.

You left me with a thousand questions.
Was it my fault?
Will you ever again think of me?

Every night since you've left, I've dreamt of you.
The same dream.
You coming back, happily forever with me.

And every morning I wake up, broken by false hopes, crying.
Because of the same dream.
Please come back, to be forever with me.

My iPod brings torturous and painful memories.
What once brought me so much hope and joy.

When I was with you.

Is just a little piece of my heart.
Forever locked away in plastic.

When I am without you.

Whatever place you remain in.
Locked up by your parents.
Taking every bit off joy I had with them,
I miss you.

Words uttered a thousand times before this,

I Love You.

Words that did not have so much meaning until now,

I Love You.

Forever and always.

Never let go of that bracelet.
Never let go of me.

Sincerely, Yours Forever, Forever and Always, Love,


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