Between Sunset and Noon

November 22, 2010
I sit here in silence. I look around for something, anything. Nothing; just a space full of familiar faces staring at me. I question and implore myself to do something to pass the time. The result: nothing.
I look back to remember you, but all I see is a face full of despair. I question the magnitude of the situation. I contemplate and come up with this thought: just a creature tortured by the hands of fate. History has been written, and it has come to pass. All reasons have come to pass. The last glimmer of hope that lives within me is the memory of your face. Not your smile, nor your frown, nor your anger; just a face with a blank expression. What do I really know about you?
I talked to a friend earlier today. Your friend. I listen and realize the repulse that lies within this person’s mind. I think for a while of the possible consequences. Could you be as bad, or purer? I doubt the possibility of purity, but I really do not know you. I am just a forgotten face on a forgotten day. I am an unwanted memory drifting in space. Nothing more to you nor me.
I sit here with time running out, but I do not care. It is just another way of separating from this world and passing to a different world. My world. Time passes, but could really be done? It has trailed back into forgotten time. I remember you once again, and decide for an end. Moments pass and I find a resolve. It is not an easy resolve, but it is nonetheless a resolve. It is easy to execute, but difficult to swallow.
I stare into a blank canvas and see hope. I lift my head to the world of reality and feel despaired. It is a way for me to understand the power of the pen, and the pencil, and the paper. The luminous glow of the darkness below burns my eyes. It is despair. I stare into the canvas and feel enlightened. It is pleasure.
The time goes by, and my ears are distressed. My thoughts revitalize, however. I think of you, and see that resolve. I must do it. It must be executed. I wait, and I do so patiently, and so the time comes. It ends. I return to my heartland that is in this paper. It ends; it all ends. I completed my task. The bell rings and I rush to finish to this sentence to get to my next class.

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RachelAndersen96 said...
Nov. 28, 2010 at 6:43 pm
absolutely amazing. could be any better! I love this. 
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