My First Trip to Boston, Massachusetts

November 18, 2010
By Brittany Ward BRONZE, Sidney, New York
Brittany Ward BRONZE, Sidney, New York
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I have always been interested in history. Since I was younger I was captured by the idea that hundreds of years ago there were people who walked the very same streets we walk today. One of my favorite places is Boston, Massachusetts for that very reason. The minute I entered Boston for the first time I was awestruck.

I had never seen a more beautiful place in my life. The city was covered in multicolored flowers, sharply cut grass, and some of the most detailed and extravagant architecture I had ever been surrounded by. It had the most wonderful old buildings. There were statues everywhere and there was not a direction I turned where there was not something that caught my eye. You could tell everyone cared about their city by the way they kept it clean. Just the appearance of the area had me hooked.

After walking through beautiful gardens near the City of Boston Fire Department, we made our way towards The New England Aquarium. On our way there we passed the U.S. Coast Guard Building with enormous piers in the back. I was as if everywhere you walked you could see the ocean. It was amazing. We all had the opportunity of seeing a beautiful bride getting her wedding pictures taken at one of the most extravagant hotels I had ever seen in person. It was the Boston Harbor Hotel and it was magnificent. There were giant arches and wonderfully sculpted details almost everywhere you looked. I enjoyed seeing the statues of George Washington, Paul Revere, and many other stand outs of Boston’s exciting history. My trip to Boston was also when I had the experience of riding my first subway. We ate lunch at Faneuil Hall Marketplace, which was one of the biggest markets in Boston’s older times. We all made our way to the amazing Trinity Church. I had never seen anything like it. It was truly gorgeous. I even got to go inside the arena where the Boston Celtics play. There were so many things in Boston that sparked an interest in me. I could have walked the city for days.

I was begging to know more about Boston and its history. So, we decided to follow what is known as The Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail stretches all throughout the city of Boston. It brought us through the East and West ends, “Little Italy”, and even to “China Town” and most other places in Boston. Along the trial there are almost all of Boston’s historical landmarks. I walked the streets that Paul Revere road his horse down yelling about the arrival of the British. I even saw the church where he hung the lantern. I was purely astounded. Where the city’s oldest building is, there is a spot where you can stand and you will always have a water front view. The city has been built around it for hundreds of years. I was over whelmed by all of the facts I learned in one day. It was the most exciting day of my life.

I was disappointed to have to leave Boston after enjoying everything about it so much. I couldn’t wait to get back there again. I will forever remember my first ever trip to Boston. The history and beauty of the city will forever have an impact on me. I plan to visit as many times as possible. I might even consider the idea of moving there in the future, simply based on my love for the city inspired by the first trip. Ever since my first time I fall in love with the city more and more every time I am there. My first trip to Boston is one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

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