Operation Preschool: Day 1

November 18, 2010
By TPalladino BRONZE, Unadilla, New York
TPalladino BRONZE, Unadilla, New York
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Growing up, I was like any other little kid. I played in the mud, had unlimited energy and I loved having fun. One thing I was diffidently did not like though, was change. One of the biggest changes of my life took place on my first day of preschool.

Starting preschool opened up a whole new world for me. I was initially excited about going, due to all of the “good-things” I’ve been hearing from my family. I woke up with a smile, on that warm morning, thinking about how much fun my first day was going to be. But I would soon come to find out the truth about the dark place known as Delaware County Head Start.

“Are you excited Trav!? Are you excited for your first day? Just think about all of the new friends you’re going to make!” My mother was clearly also very excited about my first day, as we drove to our destination. My anticipation grew stronger and stronger as we pulled in and I heard my mother shout, “We’re here!” We exited the car, walked up to the doors, and inside and up the stairs we went until we reached my new home away from home.

All of the sudden, as if in a slow-motion scene from a movie, my mother opened the door. My eyes grew wide as I stared in amazement at all of the colors and toys. I did not even realize the other children until my tunnel vision opened back up and I saw the entire room. The first thing I noticed was a computer, and I never used one before, so I instantly grew more excited about my first day.

I approached the computer, which was being used by another boy. I came up proud as could be, and kicked the boy off and sat right down like nothing happened. The boy turned and ran to the teacher and told on me. Because I was the new kid the teacher was not too mad and let me continue playing. The boys name is Alex, and after that first meeting, we became best friends and continue to remain great friends to this day.

My first day of preschool was not quite what I expected, but it was diffidently memorable. I gained friends that will forever be close to me that day. I had a great experience at preschool and I will never forget the people I met and played with throughout my head start career.

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