No matter what...

November 17, 2010
By , calgary, Canada
“What really happened?”
That voice, those words that was heard and felt like a faint whisper set me free. I had somehow gotten used to the abuse, used to the pity that felt like loving attention…
Social services invaded my life at 10 years old, supposedly there to protect me and change my tear stained life. I found myself looking for a way out, and only believing that happiness was an unrealistic pursuit.
An opaque sheet covered the windows separating us from the following curious eyes, from distractions blocking out all that could harm, hate, or love.
Bad went to worse, yelling went to hitting… Life was hard, my mom always loved me though and that got me through it. She was comforting me when I should have been comforting her. There wasn’t one day without a violent shout, a yell, a push, or a punch. Scared to go home for fear that one day my mom wouldn’t all be there…
Domestic violence ruled the home. Tim, my mothers’ boyfriend ruled her. While fear and anger ruled my older sister and me.
One night too many Tim hurt my mother. That was it, social services were doing nothing, and the courts didn’t seem to care or protect. This was my life, and I was going to take hold. I told the police and those I cared that my mothers’ boyfriend punched me in the face. I knew that was it, the courts would stop him for my lie, and protect other kids and their mothers from him. I went so far as to create the evidence upon my face, a large swollen bruise. It ended in the wrong way; a lie is no way to stop or begin anything. My step father wasn’t very appropriate but he didn’t sexually abuse me, he did though emotionally and physically hurt me. I needed help and no one took it seriously so I exaggerated my step fathers’ actions. No longer will these lies hold anyone captive. I finally was at a place I could set myself free. These lies were so harmful to me that I tried numerous times to kill myself and I became a self harmer…
Tim is now gone and we are free.

Social services had destructed our lives, and split us up, but we wouldn’t give up.
They took me from my mother and ended access with all family members, but we prevailed, and as someone famous out there says, “good always defeats evil”.

When someone is trapped they do anything for survival and freedom, but what I came to realize is no ones bad, no ones evil, people are really just human who sometimes make mistakes, big or small.

“No matter what, you will always be good.Truth will always set you free.”

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