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November 16, 2010
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I stare into your green eyes. They were the color of grass. And not dead grass but the kind of grass that was full and swayed just right when the wind blew on a hot summer day. And when I looked into them I saw all the memories we had together. Like the first time I came over. It was 8th grade. It was so weird to go to a boys house. And so awkward. We went swimming and you threw me into the pool and I acted like I was drowning just so you would have to save me. And then in 9th grade, we went on a field trip to Washington D.C. and when we were taking a picture under the just-blooming Cherry blossom trees, you kissed me. My first kiss. It was you. And then this year, 10th grade. We were studying for our geometry exam and you looked into my eyes and told me you loved me. Yeah. I remeber all that. Do you?

I look at your hair. It is shorter now. I remember when it was so long we put in in pigtails in 2nd block last year. That was right after the D.C. trip. Right after you asked me to be your girlfriend. Now, that you finally got a haircut it swept just abouve those beautiful green eyes that held our past.

Next I look at your hands that gently held mine in between them. Those hands. So strong. But yet gentle. They helped me up the many times I fell. And grasped my hands all the times I got scared walking through haunted houses and scary hay mazes. The same hands that held me at the hospital when my Mom was dying. The same hands that gently rested upon my hips at the winter formal this year. The same hands that slightly brushed my cheek when you kissed me.

And finally I look at Your mouth. Those lips brushed against mine so many times. That always came so closed to my ear to whisper all the secrets you used to share with me. The lips that laughed when when you threw me into the pool. And the lips that kissed me under the cherry blossom tree. The same lips that not that long ago said the words I love you. And now they are the same lips that make me wish I didn't have any of those memories. That make me wish I never fell in love with you. I hear you say the words, even though I don't want to.
"I'm sorry," you say. "It's over."

Those same lips kiss my forehead. I feel a warm tear slide down my cheek. My forehead still tingles from where your soft lips touched them. I see you take her hand the way you always took mine on our long walks home. I see you whisper something in her ear like you always did with me. And she stares into you beautiful green eyes as I did so many times. I watch you walk away with her. I am left her reminising all our past memories wondering if they ever meant anything to you, or if it was all just a game...

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